Smiling goat at Green Dragon Eco Farm.

Green Dragon Eco Farm

  • Green Dragon Eco Farm has reopened with new COVID safety measures in place in line with the latest government advice.
  • Let the kids get involved learning all about sustainable living and how to live an eco-friendly life.
  • Meet the rare breed farm animals who live at Green Dragon.
  • Enjoy a family day out relaxing and getting down to nature.

A 44 acre green-focused farm with areas to play, learn, relax and eat - the Green Dragon Eco Farm is a great option for a family day out! You can sponsor an animal here as well as learn all about renewable energy and sustainable living. Children are encouraged to get directly involved in sustainable farming processes as well as learn about animal welfare on the farm.

Sometimes it can be hard to find authentic experience that aren't greenwashing. The Green Dragon Eco Farm takes direct action to combat climate change in every aspect of their farm. In 2002 Ray Marzec bought land along Claydon Road, Hogshaw in Buckinghamshire. He had a vision to create a place where conservation, renewable energy systems, waste prevention and sustainable food were at the forefront of the experience. This has resulted in an exciting and fun day out that everyone will love.

Green Dragon Eco Farm is an amazing place for guests to explore the farm experience in a forward-thinking, sustainable way. They offer traditional open-farm experiences so guests can get up close to and learn more about farm animals. They also operate as a rare breeds farm to help with wildlife conservation. They utilise renewable energy systems, such as a biomass boiler, thermal store, solar panels and photovoltaic panels across the visitor experiences and working farm. Green Dragon Eco Farm's pioneering waste management systems ensure they optimise the functionality of the waste they produce. For example, rainwater is used to flush the toilets, the reed bed is used to process waste and an aquaponics system is used for plant nutrition. Any waste sent off-site to other facilities is dealt with responsibly and sustainably. They are education focused as well as priding themselves on offering great opportunities for children to play, with a dedicated space for parties and events.

During your visit, you can walk along the Farm Trail to see pigs, cows, goats, sheep and horses. You can buy animal feed with your booking and get up close to the animals. In the wildlife zone, you'll get the chance to meet animals such as wallabies, a lynx, a silver fox, some wild birds and many more. There's even the Pets Corner where you reptiles, invertebrates and small mammals are waiting to play!

Bandit street food van at Green Dragon Eco Farm.
Image © Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm and Eco Centre Facebook

As as eco farm, it is only right that they offer farm-to-fork eating services at Green Dragon. There is a great range of food on offer and you can relax knowing that everything from a quick snack to a full meal is sourced ethically and has a much lower carbon footprint than the average meal out. You're truly spoiled for choice with three delicious, sustainably-sourced options, The Playbarn Cafe, Bandit Street Food and The Eco Centre Cafe, and if none of that takes your fancy, there are picnic areas for those who prefer to bring their own food.

What to know before you go

  • Since re-opening, Green Dragon Eco Farm is implementing COVID-safety measures. You MUST book online in advance, to avoid missing out. The farm has gone cashless, so remember to bring a method of card payment. All staff will be wearing a face mask. They are recommending guests wear masks too. Many routes have been changed to one-way systems and sanitising stations are placed regularly around the routes. Soft play, Messy Play Barn and keeper talks are closed right now. The Playbarn Cafe is open with a reduced menu and social distancing in place and The Eco Centre Cafe is closed except for takeaway pizza on a Saturday.
  • From the middle of February to the start of November, the Farm is open from 10.00am - 5.30pm and from the start of November until the middle of February it's 10.00am - 4.30pm.
  • There is a gift shop for those wanting to find and purchase something to remember their great family day out.
  • The farm is wheelchair accessible, with disabled toilets available on site.
  • Assistance dogs are allowed.
  • There are baby-changing facilities by the Soft Play Barn.

Getting there

  • Address: Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre, Claydon Road, Hogshaw, MK18 3LA.
  • The Green Dragon Eco Farm is in the Buckinghamshire countryside and is accessible most easily by car. Putting the address into your Sat Nav may lead you a bit astray but you can find helpful directions on their website depending on whether you are approaching from the M40, Aylesbury or Buckingham. The Green Dragon Eco Farm website also has updates about possible issues such as roadworks.
  • There is plenty of parking available.
  • If you are travelling by public transport, please follow government guidance.


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