Families sat around colourful maypole as part of St George's Day Celebration.

  • Borough Market is open in line with COVID-safety measures in response to government advice. Face coverings are required in shops and public transport, and if it is busy, it is advised for outside too. It is recommended that you bring hand sanitiser and remain socially distanced. 
  • One of the best markets in London, be sure to check out the amazing food that you can eat at Borough Market, or take home ingredients for a delicious meal that the kids will love. 
  • Don’t miss out on the market's demonstrations and events, with classes, educational programmes, talks and more. 
  • Go when the Market is in full swing on Thursdays and experience a vibrant, rich mixture of food, smell, sound and visual appeal, perfect for any budding photographers to capture the busy and colourful atmosphere. 

London's Borough Market has a vibrant, rich history, and it has and still remains as relevant as ever. Dating back over 1,000 years, it is London’s oldest food market, and has cemented its place within the community of Southwark as a symbol of extraordinary history and heritage.

This market is a cacophony of colours, scents and human interaction. The market traders have a deep depository of culinary knowledge, and they are more than happy to share their skills with shoppers, and would love to answer any questions your kids may have about food and the market. Their voices are heard among the chefs, campaigners, food writers and educators who all come together to make Borough Market’s cookery events and demonstrations, publications, public debates and educational programmes that people know and love.

There’s an entire street which is full to the brim of tasty street food from so many different countries. Discover food from all over the world; try delicious alfajores from Argentina, or the best Swiss cheeses. There's spicy food from Mexico and across Asia, along with great British Scotch eggs and baked goods, and a brilliant selection of vegetarian food too. This is a fantastic place to try new exciting foods; maybe you'll find a new favourite item!

Ice cream is, obviously, always a good idea and the kids will love it, even if it’s a bit chilly in London sometimes. Are you looking for something a bit unique? Be sure to head to the Greedy Goat, which is also great for those who are lactose intolerant, for some new-age icy delights. They even have some liquid chocolate running out of a tap! Then they fill up your cone with it, and it’s yours.

Don’t miss out on the events that Borough Market hosts, from St. George’s Day celebrations, to talks, cookery classes, and more. where the whole family can get involved, making it a great day out filled with food, fun and learning.

What to know before you go

  • Borough Market is now open in line with COVID-safety measures in response to government advice. You must remain socially distanced, and it is advised that you bring hand sanitiser.
  • Borough Market is mostly accessible as it is on one ground-floor level. Bear in mind that passageways vary from 1.5 metres to 4 metres wide, plus there are some cobbled areas because of the historic nature of the site. There can also be a high volume of visitors at peak times. Note that some restaurants in the area may have different levels of accessibility.
  • There are fully-fitted and accessible toilets that have emergency pull strings in four locations in the Market and surrounding area. These are all open during Market trading hours, and none require a radar access key.
  • Communal seating can be found in both the Market Hall and in Borough Market Kitchen for those visitors who need, and these two areas are open to the public during Market trading hours.
  • The Borough Market Store is fully accessible for wheelchair users, and this is a great place to ask any questions and request information.
  • There are public toilets that are open for customer use during trading hours, and these are located in Three Crown Square. Plus, there are toilet facilities in Borough Market Kitchen, situated by Jubilee Place, which are open on Fridays from 10am – 6pm, and Saturdays from 10am – 5pm.
  • Please note that the whole of Borough Market is a smoke-free zone.
  • Dogs are allowed in Borough Market. It is advised that you keep your dogs on leads or alternatively carry them during your shop and visit. 

Getting there

  • Borough Market is located at 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL.
  • The closest Tube and rail station is London Bridge, which is served by the Jubilee and Northern line and has mainline trains connecting all over London, and the south of England. There is signage that marks the way to Borough Market in both the London Underground and mainline stations, so keep an eye to know which route and exit are best.
  • From London Bridge Tube station, ensure you follow the signs for Borough High Street once you leave the station. Once near, we recommend turning left from the High Street onto Stoney Street. There you can find market icons Applebee’s fish, Monmouth Coffee, Tapas Brindisa, Richard Yaward’s Oysters and Le Marché du Quartier (confit duck).  If you turn right, access is via Bedale Street, and this will take you alongside the Borough Market Hall glass structure.
  • Bus routes 43, 141, 149 and 521 stop at London Bridge and Borough High Street; both just a few minutes' walk away.
  • Bicycle racks can be found just north of Floral Hall. The closest cycle hire docks are on Southwark Street and Park Street.
  • If travelling by car, there are a number of car parks that are a short walking distance away from Borough Market. These include Union Car Parks and Snowsfields NCP.
  • Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Images © Borough Market.


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