Farmer's Market at Alexandra Palace

Take the family to Alexandra Palace's famous farmer's market on a Sunday and load up with fantastic, fresh local produce.


With locally grown fruit and vegetables, handmade bread and other baked goods, local meats, fresh fish, and artisanal food products, there are tons of treats to choose from.


Why not try some delicious, ready-to-eat food from one of the stalls? Little tummies and taste-buds will be delighted by the crepes, barbecued sausages, cheese toasties, and fresh fruit juices on offer, and the exciting food environment could be the perfect opportunity to get them to try something new!


Kidadler Lauren says, "Had a great time at the farmer's market at Alexandra Palace today. On every Sunday and some really nice stalls. We then took a walk around the parks, was lovely."


Farmer's Market at Alexandra Palace

Farmer's Market at Alexandra Palace



10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Opening and dates are subject to change – please call the venue or check the times website for more details before setting off.

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