Melange Chocolate Shop & Cafe

Calling all chocolate lovers! On the hunt for a cafe dedicated to decadence and chocolate? Look no further! 

Set in trendy Peckham, Melange is run by artisan chocolatier Isabelle Alaya, who has helped the shop establish a sweet reputation for making speciality, award-winning, handmade chocolate bars and truffles. 

While the chocolate might sound a bit grown-up, Alaya has a trick up her sleeve to impress sweet-toothed kids – her legendary hot chocolate! Made using a closely-guarded recipe, it's been rated one of the top 10 hot chocolates in London, so Melange is well worth a visit. 


Melange Chocolate Shop & Cafe

Melange Chocolate Shop & Cafe


07722 650711


11:00 AM - 11:05 AM

Opening times and dates are subject to change – please call the venue or check the website for more details before setting off.

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