13 Best Baby Tracksuits For Stylish Tots

A baby wearing a navy and white striped tracksuit top looking into the camera.

Whether you're looking for classic style, a sporty vibe or fun prints and patterns, a tracksuit is the perfect outfit for your baby.

When it comes to dressing their new arrivals, lots of people rely on babygrows. But with their versatility and the ability to change top and bottoms separately, tracksuits offer a great alternative kind of baby clothing and our list has rounded up the best of the bunch.

These cute little outfits will keep your baby warm and comfy - but if you want more style inspiration, check out our lists of the best unisex baby clothes and the best baby pyjamas.

Kidadl's Top Pick

All the baby tracksuits on this list are adorable, but if you're short on time this is our top pick based on price, comfort and design.

1. H&M Beige Marl Winnie The Pooh Tracksuit

H&M Beige Marl Winnie The Pooh Tracksuit

No one can resist the charm, wisdom and warmth of Winnie The Pooh, and this Disney themed tracksuit from H&M channels that brilliantly. The soft-brushed cotton blend sweatshirt fabric will keep your baby nice and snug, while press studs on the shoulder, ribbed hems and elasticated waist make this easy to take on and off. It comes in a range of sizes to ensure a good fit for your little one. The tracksuit is also available with other beloved Disney characters, including Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and they're so sweet you'll be tempted to get the whole set!

Main Features

  • Age: 0-4 years
  • Price: £14.99

Best For Newborns

2. Nike Just Do It Baby Bodysuit

Nike Just Do It Baby Bodysuit

Unlike other newborn baby tracksuits, this outfit from Nike combines the style of a classic sports tracksuit with the ease of a one-piece. The off-centre zip is a quirky touch while ensuring that dressing your baby is straightforward. A hood completes the urban style while providing extra cosiness. This bodysuit also comes in plenty of sizes for babies and toddlers of all ages.

Main Features

  • Age: 0-3 years
  • Price: £27.99

Best For Multipacks

3. H&M 7 Piece Cotton Set

H&M 7 Piece Cotton Set.

The great thing about a tracksuit is that you can mix and match, and this multipack lets you do just that while still keeping a lovely overall style. With sets including animals, cars and pandas, there are plenty to choose from, and each includes tops and bottoms in both lightweight cotton and a thicker jersey, so you can make sure your baby is dressed for the weather.

Main Features

  • Age: 4 months-4 years
  • Price: £27.99

Best For Gender Neutral Colours

4. Kids' Tales Velvet Hooded Tracksuit

Kids' Tales Velvet Hooded Tracksuit

If you want to avoid the traditional pink/blue divide, this sweet red velvet tracksuit is an ideal unisex choice. The velvety fleece fabric is exceptionally cosy, so your tot will never want to take it off, and the hood gives extra warmth. These tracksuits can bleed a little in the first few washes though, so be careful not to wash with whites. Fitted for older babies, the sizes range up into kids clothes too, so this could become a wardrobe staple.

Main Features

  • Age: 1-8 years
  • Price: £10.99

Best For Looking Pretty In Pink

5. Puseky Newborn Baby Girl Long Sleeve Floral Top & Bottoms

Puseky Newborn Baby Girl Long Sleeve Floral Top & Bottoms.

On the other hand, if you're looking for the prettiest baby girl tracksuits around then this cute pink floral clothing set has to be top of the list. Floral options are available in different colours too, but the pink version manages to be cute without looking overly girly because of the bold print. With a hood and pocket, it's practical too!

Main Features

  • Age: 0-2 years
  • Price: £10.96

Best For Comfort

6. Adidas Originals Girls' Trefoil Crew Tracksuit Infant

Adidas Originals Girls' Trefoil Crew Tracksuit Infant.

You can't beat a pink two piece from Adidas for a baby girl tracksuit that is feminine but classic. This set is made of soft cotton with an elastic waist and ribbed trims, so it will be lovely and warm for your baby. The crew sweatshirt and joggers are finished with three stripes and Trefoil branding, so they really look the part.

Main Features

  • Age: 3 months-4 years
  • Price: £30

Best For Keeping Snug

7. Nike Overhead Tracksuit Infant

Nike Overhead Tracksuit Infant.

For a look that's cosy and cool, this Nike tracksuit is ideal. 100% cotton, it can be layered up as an outer layer and the hood, kangaroo pocket and ribbed trims will keep little ears, arms and legs warm. Like other baby designer tracksuits, this is a little more expensive than you would find in another baby range but the white Futura branding is prominent and this set is the high quality you would expect.

Main Features

  • Age: 3 months-2 years
  • Price: £35

Best For Animal Lovers

8. H&M Fox 2 Piece Set

H&M Fox 2 Piece Set.

This lovely design from H&M is part of a series of cute animal-inspired baby clothing. This fox design is our favourite though, because of the lovely embroidered detail of the face. Others in the range feature sweet details like 3D paws and they are all available in plenty of sizes.

Main Features

  • Age: 4 months-4 years
  • Price: £14.99

Best For Bright Colours

9. M&S Cotton Rich Frill Shoulder Sweatshirt

M&S Cotton Rich Frill Shoulder Sweatshirt.

The frill detail on this sweatshirt makes it less gender neutral than other animal outfits, but the lovely rabbit print and bright yellow colour make it a bolder and brighter design than some baby girl clothes. The popper fastenings at the back make this easy to take on and off and the soft cotton-rich fabric is comfy. Unlike other tracksuits, M&S sells theirs as single items so you can just buy the sweatshirt if you prefer, or get the matching trousers for an extra £8 as well.

Main Features

  • Age: 0-3 years
  • Price: £8

Best For A Cute Pattern

10. Tu Clothing Gruffalo Printed Top And Joggers

Tu Clothing Gruffalo Printed Top And Joggers

These adorable baby clothes are perfect for your little monster. 100% cotton and super comfy, this outfit will keep them cosy even while they're romping off on fantastical adventures. The little quotes from the book are great for slightly older toddlers, who are starting to read along, and the range of sizes means your newborn could still be wearing the same design when they take their first steps.

Main Features

  • Age: 0-2 years
  • Price: £12

Best For Jurassic Style

11. Tu Clothing Watercolour Dinosaur Print Jogger Set

Tu Clothing Watercolour Dinosaur Print Jogger Set

This dinosaur tracksuit is both fun and stylish, with dinos printed in an understated watercolour design. The cotton-rich jersey blend is soft and warm and will keep your baby looking fierce but feeling comfortable. Like other baby clothes, this set comes in a good range of sizes.

Main Features

  • Age: 0-2 years
  • Price: £10

Best For Neon Style

12. Next Blue Dinosaur Sweatshirt And Joggers Set

Next Blue Dinosaur Sweatshirt And Joggers Set

The ultimate in psychedelic cool, little ones will love the bright neon colours and the cool paint splash effect, which sets these dinosaur-themed baby clothes apart from most other jurassic-style clothes and toys. The material is lovely and soft and the while you do have to pay a bit more for the larger sizes the price is still good.

Main Features

  • Age: 0-2 years
  • Price: £13

Best For Motoring Around

13. H&M Light Grey Marl Cars Sweatshirt And Trousers

H&M Light Grey Marl Cars Sweatshirt And Trousers

Made from a poly-cotton blend, this sweet little set is soft brushed inside to be extra comfy. The press stud and elasticated waist make it practical and the car print is lovely and colourful. Although these are listed as baby boy tracksuits, they would appeal to any little girls who like cars too.

Main Features

  • Age: 4 months-4 years
  • Price: £14.99

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