12 Best Baby Sleepsuits And Baby Pyjamas For Sweet Dreams


Getting your newborn to sleep can be quite a task, so having a sleepsuit for babies that enables them to drift off easily is important.

We've researched the best newborn baby clothing there is, so that you can rest assured (no pun intended) that your baby is going to have sweet dreams without scratchy seams or irritating poppers. If you're also wondering what the difference is between baby grows and sleepsuits, wonder no more: they're the same thing, but 'sleepsuits' is the more contemporary term.

Don't forget to check out our top baby monitors so that you can also get some rest while your baby is dreaming away, or peruse our list of the best unisex baby clothes for them to wear in the day.

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Kidadl's Top Pick

1. 2-Piece Peter Rabbit Veg Patch Embroidered Baby Sleepsuit & Hat Set by Jojo Maman Bebe

2-Piece Peter Rabbit Veg Patch Embroidered Baby Sleepsuit & Hat.

Calling all Beatrix Potter fans, because this unisex sleepsuit and hat set is too good to miss. The illustrations of Peter Rabbit hopping around the vegetable patch are delicately embroidered onto this pure cotton set with a super soft touch and contrast blue stitching. There are fold-over mitts to prevent scratching, and anti-slip dots on the suit's feet from ages 9 - 12 months plus. There's also an adorable hat with a knotted top to complete the look.

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • Ages: from newborn to 18 months
  • Peter Rabbit embroidery and design
  • Soft suit with fold-over scratch cuffs
  • Ages 9 months + feature anti-slip dots
  • Knotted topped hat completes the look

Best For Families On A Budget

2. 3-pack Cotton Pyjamas by H&M

3-pack Cotton Pyjamas.

These all-in-one sleepsuits are ideal unisex pyjamas and are made from soft organic cotton jersey. Cuffs and hems are ribbed, and there are press-studs along one leg and down the front of each piece to make it easier to get the suit on and off.

Main Features

  • Price: £12.99
  • Ages: 2 months - 4 years
  • Soft organic cotton jersey
  • Long sleeves
  • Ribbed cuffs and hems
  • Press-studs down the front and one leg

Best Multi Pack Baby Pyjamas

3. 5 Pack Organic Cotton Woodland Bodysuits by M&S

5 Pack Organic Cotton Woodland Bodysuits.

Made from organic sustainable cotton, these long-sleeved bodysuits are gentle against skin. Each pack contains one plain bodysuit, one with a dashed print, one striped, and two with a woodland theme, making this set an absolute steal. Envelope folds at the shoulders and poppers make for easy dressing and changing, and there are in-built anti-scratch mitts in suits up to 3-6 months.

Main Features

  • Price: £13.50
  • Ages: from 0 months - 3 years
  • Organic, sustainable cotton
  • 5 pack with woodland design
  • Envelope folds and poppers for ease of changing

Best For Cute Design

4. Fruit Jersey Sleepsuits: 3 Pack by Mamas & Papas

Fruit Jersey Sleepsuits: 3 Pack.

This set is made from 100% jersey cotton to ensure softness against your baby's skin, and the suits have nickel-free popper fastenings along the back and at the crotch for easy changes. They have anti-scratch mitts built into the suits and anti-slip soles from 12 months up. The three-pack has adorable embroidered fruit details in muted, sleek colours.

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • Ages: from newborn to 24 months
  • 100% jersey cotton
  • Nickel-free poppers along the back and at the crotch
  • Anti-slip dots from 12 months +
  • Anti-scratch mitts
  • Fun fruit print

Best Baby Girl Sleepsuits & Pyjamas

5. Gruffalo Foxglove Pink Ruffle Pyjamas by Baby Mori

Gruffalo Foxglove Pink Ruffle Pyjamas.

Baby Mori has collaborated with evergreen family favourite The Gruffalo to create these adorable pyjamas, made from their cotton (certified organic) and bamboo fabric mix and printed with characters from The Gruffalo. The bottoms are elasticated, and the top has a keyhole fastening at the neck to ensure your girl stays comfortable as she dreams of adventures with fantastical characters.

Main Features

  • Price: £29.50
  • Ages: from 0 months - 4 years
  • Featuring characters from The Gruffalo
  • Made from cotton and bamboo
  • Elasticated waistband on trousers and a keyhole fastening at the neck

Best Baby Girl Sleepsuits For Winter

6. Pack of 2 Velour Sleepsuits by La Redoute

Pack of 2 Velour Sleepsuits.

If the nights are getting a little cooler, these are a sure-fire way to keep your little girl toasty and warm. This pack is great value, and each suit has a crew neck and long sleeves, with a press-stud fastening halfway down the back to ensure easy dressing and changing. From 12 months up, there are slip-resistant feet, and the colour options are cute candy pinks.

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • Ages: from birth to 3 years
  • Pink velour sleepsuits with motif options
  • Slip-resistant feet from 12 months +
  • Press-stud fastening for ease of changing/dressing

Best Baby Boy Sleepsuits

7. Zip-Up Sleepsuit by Baby Mori

Zip-Up Sleepsuit.

Made of soft sustainable cotton and bamboo, the zipper on these is designed to make night time changes that bit easier for you, and it has a safety tab to keep your baby safe. There are fold-over anti-scratch mitts and little feet up to the ages of 9 months, and personalisation of up to 10 characters is optional.

Main Features

  • Price: £32.50
  • Ages: from newborn to 24 months
  • 30% cotton, 70% sustainable bamboo
  • Concealed non-metal zipper for easy changing
  • Anti-scratch mitts and feet up to 9 months
  • Optional personalisation

Best For Organic Cotton

8. 3 Pack Organic Cotton Patterned Sleepsuits by M&S

3 Pack Organic Cotton Patterned Sleepsuits.

We love a set, and this sustainable cotton option from M&S, with its aqua crocodile print, doesn't disappoint. Feet have anti-slip properties from ages 9 - 12 months plus, and anti-scratch mitts up to 3 - 6 months.

Main Features

  • Price: £14.00
  • Ages: from 'early' to 3 years
  • Organic, sustainable cotton
  • Anti-slip from 9 months +
  • Anti-scratch mitts up to 6 months

Best Unisex Sleeping Suits & Pyjamas For Babies

9. Duck Embroidered Baby Sleepsuit by Jojo Maman Bebe

Duck Embroidered Baby Sleepsuit.

Jojo Maman Bebe has done it again, combining the classic baby motif of cute ducklings with delicate embroidery to make a dreamy sleepsuit for your newborn. There are built-in scratch cuffs to protect delicate skin, the cotton is super soft, and there's even an optional matching hat.

Main Features

  • Price: £18
  • Ages: from 'tiny' to 12 months
  • Duck embroidery, and matching hat optional
  • Super soft cotton
  • Popper front and leg openings to make changing easy
  • Anti-scratch cuffs
  • Sizes 9-12 months up have anti-slip dots on feet

Best Printed Baby Pyjamas

10. Jamie Jim Jams by Frugi

Jamie Jim Jams.

What child wouldn't love pyjamas with fire-breathing dragons and magical rainbow prints? Plus, these are extra cosy with an organic jersey lining on the inside of the top, and raglan style long sleeves. Cotton is certified organic, there's elastane in the rib cuffs and neckband for extra flexibility, the waistband is elasticated on the bottoms and ages 0 - 4 years have front popper fastenings for ease of changing. Dreamy!

Main Features

  • Price: from £24
  • Ages: from 0 months to 10 years
  • Certified organic sustainable cotton
  • Elastane rib cuffs and neck
  • Younger sizes have front poppers for changing

Best Cosy Sleepsuit and Baby Pyjamas

11. Pack of 2 Velour Pyjamas by La Redoute

Pack of 2 Velour Pyjamas.

For chillier months, these velour pyjamas are a cosy option for your baby. With crew necks and long sleeves, plus the printed and embroidered pattern options, they're comfortable but practical. The trousers are elasticated, there are slip-resistant feet from the 12 months sizing option, and there's a press-stud tab on the inside of the items to ensure that the top and bottoms can be attached - ensuring your baby doesn't wriggle out of either during the night.

Main Features

  • Price: £25.00
  • Ages: from birth to 3 years
  • Soft and cosy velour
  • Slip-resistant feet from 12 months up
  • Press-stud fastening to keep the two-piece together overnight

Best Sustainable Sleeping Suits For Babies

12. Natural Babygrow by Little Green Radicals

Natural Babygrow by Little Green Radicals.

You have only to observe the multitude of glowing reviews that this product receives to know that it ticks all of the boxes. It's made from 100% un-dyed organic and fair trade cotton, which doesn't contain any of the chemicals found in conventional cotton, making it super soft and gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Nickel-free poppers allow for easy dressing, it's made to fit both cloth and conventional nappies, and is machine washable, coming out like new every time.

Main Features

  • Price: £15
  • Ages: from newborn to 18 months
  • 100% un-dyed and fair trade cotton
  • Nickel-free front poppers
  • Machine washable

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