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What to expect

Are you looking for the best online teaching resources to help your children at home? Does your child need a bit of help with improving their creative writing or comprehension skills? Are you new to online tutoring? The Tutoress has put together a weekly schedule of live streams to support parents and children with their home learning. Join Victoria Olubi, teacher and founder of the Tutoress tutoring agency in London, on Facebook every Wednesday at 7pm for a free English tutorial. She will be helping primary school students to ace the 11+ as well as build their confidence in creative writing and comprehension.  

Aimed at children aged 9-13 years of age, these free teaching resources are a great way to keep up your child's learning at home. Older kids will also benefit too and will pick up some valuable tips. Kids will learn about comprehension, creative writing, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar. If your kids love writing and reading stories, Victoria has already done a great session on ways to start a story as well as how to write engaging character descriptions. Your mini authors will be writing books in no time! And if your children aren't getting full marks on their comprehension work and are finding it hard, Victoria will help them understand the questions and give tips and tricks to help you improve their comprehension skills. This virtual class is a brilliant new resource for KS2 and KS3 learners, and one that parents and children can do together.

So, tune in for free writing activities KS2 kids will find engaging, educational and fun! If you find this tutorial of use and would like more online maths resources, check out this times tables masterclass or dive into these online educational games for KS2 kids. Get stuck into learning!

What you’ll need

  • A pen and paper.
  • Strong WiFi connection.
  • Child-friendly headphones in case your child wants to study alone.

What you’ll do

  • The live sessions are on every Wednesday at 7pm.
  • Kids will have 30 minutes of activities centred on creative writing or reading comprehension.
  • Maybe you'll find you have the next Shakespeare on your hands, so why not get creative and encourage your child to use their new skills to write stories, poems or plays in their free time.




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Facebook Live: 3 tips for improving your comprehension skills (even if you hate reading)

I hope you enjoy today's English tutorial.If you'd like to learn more from me, grab my FREE Creative Writing Booster Kit here:'ll be hosting a different tutorial every Wednesday at 7pm (UK time/ BST) 😊

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How to write engaging character descriptions

Thank you so much for watching this week's Facebook Live! You can email your character descriptions to me at The best one wins a prize 🎉🎉🎉You can also download my free Creative Writing Booster Kit here: 😊

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Live Tutorial: What is annotating and why is it important for your comprehension marks?

In this live tutorial, I explain what annotating is and show students how to annotate so that they can pick up extra marks when answering comprehension questions. 📚You can download my free Creative Writing Booster Kit here:'ll be holding another Facebook Live tomorrow over in the 11+, GCSE, SATs and ISEB group. Here's the link to join:

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Facebook Live Tutorial: Going through an 11+ English exam paper

Facebook Live Tutorial: Going through an 11+ English exam paper

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The Tutoress team consists of a group of tutors who provide 11+ intensive revision courses for students who want to ace their school entrance exams. They also hold free taster days for prospective students and free information seminars for 11+ parents.



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