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Kidadl Champions #IWD2019

Kidadl Champions #IWD2019

We don’t need a date in the calendar reminding us to celebrate the women around us and their awesome achievements – we do this every day here at Kidadl. Founded by two exceptional businesswomen – Hannah Feldman and Sophie Orman, Kidadl is a rapidly growing family leisure platform that welcomes new partners every day, many of whom are businesses with inspiring women at the helm. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with some of the outstanding entrepreneurs that are helping families to create unforgettable memories, to find out what motivates them and ask them for their top tips.

Sally Bailey: Sally’s Adventure Club

My very energetic little two year old (who is now seven and a half) inspired me to set up my business. We used to spend our lives outside having adventures and I started thinking there must be others like me who needed to be outdoors with their little ones in the fresh air, to have their kids entertained while getting a little bit of social interaction. Cue a light bulb moment – and Sally’s Adventure Club was born!

Mornings are the best part of my day. I get the most done, and the wood is at its best as the sun is rising. Of course, a good cup of coffee helps too!

Some people thought I was a little bonkers for trying to run a children’s group outdoors all year round, but I totally believed in what I am trying achieve, and it seems to be working and growing (fingers crossed). Oh and of course I am very proud of my ‘bonkers’ streak – throwing caution to the wind, taking risks. You only live once so why not throw everything at it!!

Sophie Dauvois: OKIDO

I started OKIDO on a kitchen table in Brixton in 2007 with my partner, the artist Rachel Ortas, after I had my son Emil. I realised that there was a lack of good-quality magazines for young children. The magazines available were made from glossy paper and covered in plastic and included one-time-use toys – they didn’t spark imagination or encourage creativity.

You can find inspiration from anyone and anything if you look at it in the right way. My friends, my family and especially my son are particular sources of inspiration to keep going, especially when things are hard.

My top tip? There will be many ups and downs along the way, ride the wave. Always remember why you started out and keep going. Work hard, have fun, and find good partners.

Sarah Frow: The Kids Table

The idea for The Kids Table came about while I was in a job that didn’t offer flexibility for working mums. I saw a gap in the market for the idea I had of a pop-up kids corner in pubs and restaurants and thought, what if I could create this concept and be my own boss. So The Kids’ Table was born!

What gets me out of bed in the morning? My kids…  literally! But in a business sense it’s the ideas for growing the business that are bubbling round my head and wanting to set them in motion. My dream is to see like minded mums setting up their own collections of Kids’ Tables in their local areas and bringing downtime to parents and fun to kids all over the country.

Go with your gut – if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Don’t rush into things because you’re keen to get the business off the ground. Believe in yourself and your idea and don’t give up. Fortune favours the brave.

Énia Monteiro & Denise Vanessa: Nanny & Me

We loved going to playgroups while working as nannies – they’re so important for children’s social development. So we decided to combine our training in childcare and mindfulness and create a space where children could play freely without having to follow a pattern and also to express their feelings in a more peaceful and calm manner.

We’re motivated by the fact that we run a space where we allow children to be children without any kind of pressure or strict rules and help to teach them mindfulness and self care.

Always be brave and ready to take risks, make bad decisions, find stones in the middle of the road and to fall sometimes. It’s all part of the process. You get your reward in the end. Don’t be scared with the ‘No’s’ you’ve received – focus on the ‘yes’s’ that are yet to come.

Vittoria Veltri: Pasta n’ Play

I wanted to do something that would make me happy to go to work every day. I love working with kids. They are fun and they are light. They bring happiness to people’s lives. And I love good food!

The only secret to success is to believe you are the best version of yourself. I feel that what I teach is useful – to eat and cook healthy food.

I feel inspired by all the mums in the world. I love my job – if I had to describe it in three words it would be: exciting, funny and adventurous.

Sue Goode: London African Drumming 

What gets me out of bed in the morning? Knowing that I will bring joy happiness and healing group experience to people via drumming and cultural learning experiences.

I’m inspired by too many women to mention. But I admire any woman who has courage to challenge stereotypes and prejudice in society and follow her own path and be an inspiration to others.

My top tip? Follow your instinct and do what you feel driven and energised by. Don’t give in to yours or anyone else’s critical negative messages!

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