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Nanny & Me

The children have just gotten home from school, and your new baby is crying, and you don’t have enough hands to juggle it all. Nanny and Me are here to help, providing you with the best care and services from a wide range of nannies, housekeepers and qualified maternity nurses.

The childhood difficulties we all face don’t have to be felt alone. Nannie and Me are there to provide you with an extra pair of hands whenever you need it for the most reasonable prices.

They have also recently started an activity club for children and parents. Focusing on mindfulness, they have begun hosting a few daily classes to help improve the child’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Your little ones can explore their creativity and imagination in these brilliant sessions. They'll get to paint masterpieces, make royal crowns, decorate their own pots and loads more. It's the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon!

Transparency is key to their organisation, priding themselves on finding the right childcare professions with each family, delivering exceptional support and expertise in the field of childcare, emotional support and education.

Nannie and Me are here to help you manage time, relieve stress and build meaningful, educational and trusting relationships with your family.

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