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War Of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience

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What to expect

  • Layered Reality is following all COVID-safety measures in response to government advice.
  • Experience War of the Worlds like you never have before with this combination of theatre, VR, physical elements and the music of Jeff Wayne.
  • Visit the Royal Observatory, break into deserted houses and try to escape London.
  • In over 25 individual themed areas, spread over 22,000 square feet, survive the Martian invasion with your group and George Herbert.

Wells’ The War of the Worlds is an 1897 science-fiction novel where two brothers from Surrey experience the world being invaded by Martians. Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds was his debut album from 1978, retelling the story in song. Layered Reality, also known as dotdotdot, combines both in this thrilling immersive experience as you go throughout the book in real life trying to escape the Martians. While the incredible immersive Sherlock Live Game and Vincent Van Gogh experience are both brilliant, this one of the only places you’ll be able to have a VR experience quite as unique as this.

In Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience, you’ll walk, climb and slide throughout the story with the help of live actors, pyrotechnics and walkaround sets, cutting-edge virtual reality, and temperature, touch and feel sensations that make your hair stand on end to make the experience truly immersive. 

The audience see a green light from the Martian spaceships.
Image © dotdotdot/Layered Reality

You’ll visit a huge variety of places from the book including the observatory, Horsell Common, and the boat ride. You can then relax in the The Red Weed Themed Bar with music made exclusively by Jeff Wayne, before spending the next 40 minutes desperately trying to survive. If you make it out, you’ll end up at the steampunk bar and restaurant named The Spirit of Man.

Things to know before you go

  • The venue is following all COVID-19 safety precautions.
  • It is advised that you buy your tickets in advance.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your slot.
  • Show your voucher on arrival, on your phone or printed, and the front desk will issue tickets for the next available slot.
  • The experience lasts up to two hours with a 20-minute interval.
  • You will be in a group with up to 12 people.
  • The experience includes 2 bars and a restaurant.
  • Children aged 10-12 will require written parental consent prior to admission. Anyone under 18 requires at least one person aged 18+ with them.
  • Under-18s must vacate the main bar area by 8pm.
  • You must wear flat shoes or trainers, as you will not be allowed to enter in high heels, flip flops, or anything else inappropriate for the experience due to health and safety.
  • Complimentary lockers are available. There is no space for buggies.
  • The experience is not wheelchair accessible.
  • If you have certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, or are pregnant, it is advised you do not participate. Hearing aids and glasses can be worn, but make staff aware if you need extra help.
  • The Red Weed Bar offers a limited selection of drinks & snacks. The Spirit of Man has a full range of cocktails, beers, wines, spirits, meals & snacks.

Getting there

  • The postcode for the experience is EC3A 2BJ.
  • The closest Tube station is Aldgate, and the closest overground station is London Fenchurch Street.
  • The number 25 bus stops directly outside the experience (Stop W/X – St Katherine’s Cree).
  • There is no designated parking at the venue.
  • Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Images © dotdotdot


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Layered Reality
Journey back to 1898 to join the rebellion against the Martian invaders in this immersive experience within the world of Wells’ The War of the Worlds.


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