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What to expect

London’s theatres are gearing up to reopen this autumn and Dominion Theatre’s The Prince Of Egypt musical is back with a royal bang.

After months of having to stay at home, you’ll not only be transferred to the shimmery London West End but to the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Follow two young brothers whose privileged paths suddenly become divided, as their secret past leads each to a whole new destiny. With one facing a future as Pharaoh and the other set on a quest of freedom and identity, The Prince of Egypt musical will take your family on a wondrous journey that will change history forever.

Musical theatre’s top stars come together to form The Prince of Egypt’s cast, from Luke Brady of Sweeney Todd and Liam Tamne from The Phantom of the Opera to Christine Allado and Alexia Khadime from the likes of Hamilton, Wicked and The Lion King. The Prince of Egypt is based on the dazzling DreamWorks film of the same name and features the Academy Award-winning song ‘When You Believe’, whose powerful lyrics touched hearts worldwide. The song became a global hit for both Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, not to mention a winner’s single for The X Factor UK, and has made The Prince of Egypt’s soundtrack one of Broadway’s best. Written by Philip LaZebnik - who we can thank for Disney’s Mulan and Pocahontas - and with music and lyrics by Wicked’s Stephen Schwartz, The Prince of Egypt is set to leave audiences in awe this autumn.

Kidadl in the Know

  • Is there parking?

Disabled access parking is available nearby.

  • Where to eat

Older kids and teens will love the trendy Seven Dials Market eclectic food court nearby, or grab one of Shake Shack’s infamous burgers next door to the theatre.

  • Kidadl top tips

Aim to arrive 30-40 minutes before the show starts and make sure you print out any e-tickets rather than presenting them on your mobile phone. Access seating is available, as well as captioned, audio described and BSL interpreted performances.

As well as daily 7.30pm evening performances, matinee performances of The Prince of Egypt will run on Thursdays and Saturdays at 2.30pm.

  • Terms and conditions

Children under 5 cannot be admitted to the theatre. Tickets are currently on sale for November 2nd 2020 - September 4th 2021, and will officially resume pending UK government advice. Please check their website for any further announcements regarding COVID-19.


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Journey to Ancient Egypt this Autumn as The Prince Of Egypt returns to London’s musical theatres.


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