Children do somersaults on the trampolines at Oxygen Freejumping Trampoline Park.
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Oxygen Freejumping

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What to expect

  • Oxygen Freejumping is open and is following UK government advice regarding COVID-19.
  • Let loose and get ready for a day out filled with active fun at the trampoline park.
  • There are over 100 interconnected trampolines to get you jumping for joy.
  • Expect extra features such as giant airbags, slam-dunk basketball, foam pits and even dodgeball courts.

Why not head over to Oxygen Freejumping to really wear out the kids on the trampoline? Oxygen Freejumping trampolines park is the perfect place to combine play and exercise. With a huge array of different areas to explore, kids and adults alike will love jumping their way around the different interactive activities the trampoline park has to offer.

There are several different sessions available, but whichever you pick, you're advised to arrive 30 minutes early so that you can collect your trampoline jump socks and watch the safety briefing video. Freejumping is the most popular choice. Suitable for everyone, you can explore over 150 connected trampolines and interactive play zones, including activities like giant airbags, foam pits, dodgeball courts, slam-dunk basketball, slides and so much more. Each Freejumping session lasts an hour, but there is the option to add additional time if you don't think that'll be enough. You'll have access to the whole park, but during School of Trampolining sessions, you won't have access to the performance trampoline so double check ahead of time if necessary.

At Oxygen, they also offer Little O's sessions for children aged 5 and under and a parent or guardian. They can enjoy the park safely without bigger jumpers around; bounce on the trampoline, explore the different activities like the airbag or foam pit and have fun in the ultimate alternative to traditional soft play. Check the times of these daily sessions at your chosen venue on the website.

Also available is Peaceful Play (Autism and Disability Friendly) at all venues except The O2 (Greenwich, London). This is an hour-long trampoline session for anyone on the autistic spectrum or with sensory or learning disabilities. Jumpers will have access to the whole trampoline park, but with reduced capacity so there's plenty of space. The music is turned right down, there are no loud announcements and the strobe lighting is turned off. The ticket price also includes a carer.

What to know before you go

  • While COVID-19 precautions are in place, you must book in advance and complete an online safety waiver before you arrive. Session capacity has been reduced, safety screens have been installed and there are plenty of hand sanitiser stations. Currently, certain areas of the trampoline park where it's too difficult to ensure social distancing, like the slides, foam pits and water fountain, are closed and spectators are limited to one per jumper. The tables at the cafés have also been reduced to enforce social distancing.
  • Sites typically have a spacious café spread over two floors. You can expect a range of hot food, like pizza and paninis, as well as cold snacks and drinks. Some cafés are on the first floor, so if you have older kids, grab a seat for the chance to snap a great photo of them from above.
  • Toilets and baby changing facilities are available.
  • There are lockers available to store your personal belongings if needed.
  • Dress in comfy, breathable clothing suitable for bouncing around and being active. You'll need to wear Oxygen's special grippy socks which can be purchased upon arrival or are included in Freejump tickets at Acton and Derby. If you have socks from other trampoline parks you can wear those and save money.
  • All parks are accessible facilities.

Getting there

  • Oxygen Freejumping is located in Acton (W3 0AF), Croydon (CR0 4RQ), Derby (DE24 8BW) and The O2 (SE10 0DX).
  • All locations are easily accessible by car and public transport.
  • There is parking available on site at all venues.
  • Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.


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Find out everything you need to know to have a fun visit on your day out to Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park.


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