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What to expect

  • Jump In has reopened and is following UK government advice regarding COVID-19.
  • Come along for an active and fun day of bouncing through the air and bounding across the trampolines.
  • Drop down the slides for an added adrenaline rush.
  • Work up an appetite and then fill up at the cafe.

Want a sure-fire way to get your children to bed with no fuss? Let them tire themselves out at one of the Jump In trampoline parks. Jump In is the place for fun, play and some fantastic highs, with a side order of a jolly good work out! Don't fancy a jump? Maybe dinosaurs or jail time are more your thing.

So grab your most comfortable clothes (think joggers and tee shirts), remember to pick up your special Jump In socks when you get there and you're good to go.

What will you find at Jump In? In a nutshell: trampolines. And lots of them! Interconnected trampolines means there are no space invaders when you're trying to jump and socially distance, while the Tumble Track is made for vaulting and impressing the crowds with your somersaults. Those with a head for heights can head to the drop slides for an exhilarating ride. If your kids have so much energy they're practically bouncing off the walls then the interactive wall is made for them. Siblings can battle out their disagreements on the tricky battle beam, while even the smallest members of your family will find a trampoline that's the right size for them. Mini jump areas are suitable for kids over the age of one.

The Toddler Time Session is a fixed time exclusively for toddlers. Across many locations, the first hour of opening on weekdays is reserved for tots as well as 9-10am on Saturdays. These sessions are quieter so it's a safe environment for them to explore and use the height-appropriate equipment.

Children with additional needs are well catered for with weekly Relaxed SEN Sessions. Kids can enjoy the run of the trampoline park and lighting and music are all kept to a soothing tone. The maximum number of attendees is also reduced to help kids feel secure. And while these sessions are exclusively for kids and adults who need a quieter environment, siblings are welcome too, so that you can all enjoy a fun family day out at the trampoline park. These tend to take place in the evening during the week and morning on the weekend so have a look online to make a plan.

What to know before you go

  • Jump In has reopened with new safety measures in place, including extra cleaning, signage and staff training, reduction in capacity, no bookings on the door (must be made online), compulsory hand sanitising and being given a designated seating area if using the café. Some elements of the trampoline parks are closed, while some locations remain entirely closed.
  • You'll find toilets (including disabled toilets) as well as baby-changing rooms in each venue.
  • Lockers are available, though it's best to avoid taking too much stuff with you.
  • Jump In is a wheelchair and buggy friendly facility.
  • All prices include the cost of Jump In socks which any bouncers are required to wear.

Getting there

  • You can find Jump In in Aberdeen (AB12 3ZG), Camberley (GU15 3DT), Edinburgh (EH21 6SY), Elstree (WD6 1QQ), Enfield (EN1 1FS), Shrewsbury (SY1 4YQ), Slough (SL1 4LE) and Warwick (CV34 6NW).
  • All locations are easily accessible by both road and public transport.
  • You can park for free on site.ease follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Images © Jump In Elstree / Facebook


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Trampoline parks have long been a favourite with active kids and Jump In will have your kids jumping for joy.


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