Young girl climbing the rock wall at Clip 'N Climb Tonbridge.
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What to expect

  • Clip 'N Climb locations have reopened and are following UK government advice regarding COVID-19.
  • An exciting day out where the kids can embark on an indoor adventure.
  • Climb the rock walls, drop down the slides and leap from heights (in a harness!).
  • With locations all over the UK, everyone can enjoy an adrenaline rush at Clip 'N Climb.

Clip 'N Climb is back in business – but the experience is a little different from what you may be used to. After COVID-19 forced it to close its doors you can now get your indoor climbing fix again, with a fun visit to Clip 'N Climb. It's already adapted quickly to ensure it can offer a safe environment for climbing fans. So now instead of climbing the walls at home, you and the kids can climb them here.

Get ready for a climbing experience like no other. Clip 'N Climb offers an indoor space, at locations across the UK, for some super active Spider-Man-style fun! All locations have multi climber walls with varying levels of difficulty. This vertical playground is sure to be entertaining for the whole family. Many locations have extra exhilarating features such as the infamous Vertical Drop Slide, Leap of Faith, the Detonator for true daredevils and Stairway to Heaven, where excellent balance, a head for heights and steady footwork are the order of the day.  

Clip 'N Climb facilities are safe and easy, no climbing experience is necessary. Children are securely harnessed and clipped onto carabiners to keep them safe at all times during their climb. There is a safety briefing and harness fitting included in your climb time so everyone will be fully prepared.

Ready to take on the challenge? Here's what you need to know. If you're not, then take a look at other fun days out.

What to know before you go

  • Clip 'N Climb has set out new COVID-safety measures to make the experience safe and enjoyable.
  • Cleaning: Clip 'N Climb has installed hand sanitiser stations throughout the venue and visitors are encouraged to use them regularly. Staff will also be undertaking extra cleaning.
  • Masks: Wearing a mask will be mandatory for customers, and staff will be wearing them too. If you forget to bring one, masks are available to buy on site.
  • Online: Booking is now online to avoid visitors from hanging around.
  • Payments: Wherever possible payments should be contactless. To make it easier Clip 'N Climb has also made certain add-ons available to your online booking. This includes features like the Stairway to Heaven.
  • Social distancing: Clear signage helps ensure people can maintain the required social distancing.
  • Reduced group sizes: Clip 'N Climb has reduced the maximum group size so that social distancing measures can be observed. Check the website of your location when you book.
  • Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to help with the safety harnesses. Under-16s can be assisted by their guardians to fit the safety harnesses and to clip on and off the climbing walls. One adult may supervise two kids which is the maximum attendance ratio. It's worth noting too that spectators are not allowed due to space restrictions.
  • All climbers over 16 must be able to clip themselves in and out of the harnesses under close staff supervision.
  • Loose and comfortable clothing should be worn and closed toe trainers are required.
  • The maximum weight limit is 150kg. Anyone using the Stairway To Heaven must be over 120cm tall.
  • Toilets are available and regularly cleaned.
  • The Vertical Dropslide remains closed.
  • There the onsite cafes are open for you to buy food.
  • Most facilities are wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

Getting there

  • There are 280 Clip 'N Climb locations worldwide.
  • There are over 80 centres in the UK, in locations including London (Chelsea), Birmingham, Manchester, Exeter, Plymouth, Newport, Glasgow, Swindon, Liverpool, Newcastle, Ipswich, Norwich, Dover, Bournemouth, Leeds and Tonbridge.
  • Most locations are easily accessed by road and public transport.
  • Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

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Clip 'N Climb is the perfect place for your young adventurers to scale rock walls and for thrill-seekers to climb to new heights.


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