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The Mousetrap

UPDATE: This event is cancelled until further notice owing to COVID-19. We will update you as this changes and you can find more information here.


This season, come along with the whole family to see the world's longest running show, The Mousetrap. This thrilling performance of mystery and murder has kept audiences on the edge of their seats for over 60 years, so it's time you get in on the intrigue too.

``No booking fee

Next available date:

Oct 24, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

The tale unfolds when an unusual group of guests are trapped by a snowstorm in Monkswell Manor guesthouse. They discover a woman has been murdered in London - but is the perpetrator of this horrible crime closer than they think? Agatha Christie, the guest star, arrives and takes you into her world of intrigue as you begin to meet the characters of the story - all of whom are suspects in this cold-blooded crime. As the snow outside thickens, the suspense inside the house does too, and you’ll all be left puzzled as the conflicting clues mount. 


The electric energy of the actors, the chilling blizzard scenes and the tension-filled blackouts will captivate the whole family's attention. With its 67 years on the stage, join in with the famous guessing game behind this world-renowned play, find out whodunit and be a part of the West End's best-kept secret!

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