Merry Wives of Windsor 2019

You may not usually put 'Shakespearean' and 'sitcom' in the same sentence, but the Merry Wives of Windsor is exactly that! Head to the Globe for another hilarious run of Shakespeare's brilliant play.


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Sep 9, 2019
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About the event

Focusing on the life of Sir John Falstaff, the blundering knight, this play began the sitcom tradition. With double entendres, disguises and dirty laundry aplenty, Falstaff sets about trying to improve his financial situation by wooing two wealthy ladies. The ladies quickly realise what he's up to and start to have some fun of their own at Falstaff's expense.


This is the only Shakespeare play set in Britain, and initiated the traditions we see even now in English sitcoms, with its mix of wit, slapstick humour and inside jokes.


Rumour has it that we have Elizabeth I to thank for this play - it is said that she personally requested Shakespeare write a comedy about Sir John Falstaff after he became her favourite character in Henry IV. If it's good enough for a queen, it's good enough for us too! 

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