The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience Manchester

Will you start the fans please? Experience the thrills of the hit 90s television show The Crystal Maze in this immersive family-friendly experience in Manchester. Fancy getting kitted out in one of those iconic, silver, satin bomber jackets whilst frantically crawling and jumping around to grab as many tokens as you can in The Crystal Dome? Well, now you can - and with all the family! 

The show lasts between 75 and 90 minutes. A team consists of 8 people, so be aware that if you have fewer people in your group, you may be partnered with other players.


Next available date:

Feb 25, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

The Crystal Maze is an unbeatable, incredibly interactive, unique experience that will test you and your family both mentally and physically. You'll have the opportunity to explore four entirely different, fun-filled zones, including Futuristic, Medieval, Aztec and Industrial, that'll test your problem-solving ability up against the clock.


This a-maze-ing experience is the ultimate opportunity for you and your family to come together and complete as many challenges as possible to win that all important prize. Come on down - The Crystal Maze experience is better than the TV show because you're in it!

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