The Magic Hour

Join master magician Tony "Sonic" Middleton as he dazzles his audiences with mysterious magical feats in London's most exclusive close-up magic show. From classic sleight of hand tricks to impossible mind-reading moments and everything in between, prepare to be blown away.



Next available date:

Dec 21, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

After countless sold-out shows and rave reviews since the show's premiere in 2013, The Magic Hour is back to enthral audiences in the capital once more.


Inspired by parlour shows of the early 1900s, the hotel's dark wood-panelled room adds to the atmosphere, taking you back in time to the Victorian era, where magic was king and anyone who mastered it was revered. Be amazed by illusion, deception and theatrical drama as Sonic and his team present an intimate, immersive magic show that will stun, amaze and confuse you all at once.


It's spellbinding, jaw-dropping fun for everyone, so grab your tickets now and don't miss this night out with a twist.

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