6-12 YEARS

Comedy Store For Kids

UPDATE: This event is cancelled until further notice owing to COVID-19. We will update you as this changes and you can find more information here.


Comedy-loving grown-ups rejoice! Now's your chance to bring the kids along to see some of the best stand-up comics in the UK without needing to cover their ears. The whole family will be roaring with laughter at the iconic Comedy Store For Kids in Manchester.

About the event

The Comedy Store is usually adults only but not anymore! Get ready for a side-splitting afternoon of great British stand-up put on by experienced circuit comedian Alex Boardman, along with two other crazy comics.


The show is totally family-friendly without being patronising, which is especially great for older kids, but it’ll be an absolute barrel of laughs for parents, too. It's staged pretty much like a normal comedy club, except it's on during the day, kids are allowed in, and the hecklers are probably a lot shorter and cuter than the ones you're used to. Let the hilarity ensue!

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