Be More Chill

UPDATE: This event is cancelled until further notice owing to COVID-19. We will update you as this changes and you can find more information here.


A huge new smash-hit musical is about to invade your brain! This hilarious show burst onto the theatre scene in 2015 and has electrified audiences on and off Broadway since. Based on the 2004 book of the same name, this sensational, social media-fuelled sci-fi musical is filled with catchy tunes, teenage love and the fight between the voices in our heads.


About the event

Be More Chill is a classic teen love story... just a boy, a girl, and the supercomputer inside the boy's head. Desperate to fit in, Jeremy Heere swallows a supercomputer pill that promises to make him popular. Turns out it's not as easy as it sounds, which starts up a hilarious back-and-forth of the voices inside his head. When he begins his ascent to popularity, Jeremy realises he's not the only one under the influence of this chip; everyone has their own story and reason for using it. As the students' autonomy intertwines with that of the AI they need to learn how to make their own voices heard.


It's sci-fi madness mixed with high school romance, giving a loveable geek and his very invasive implant a chance to learn how to appreciate everyone's differenaces and accept yourself as you are.

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