6-12 YEARS

The Showstoppers’ Christmas Kids Show

Head to Leicester Square this festive season and bring all of your favourite Christmas stories to life with an enchanting concoction of improvisation, imagination and a sprinkle of fairy dust. Improv royalty the Showstoppers are ready to transform your kids' ideas and suggestions into a magical, musical interactive adventure.


Next available date:

Nov 23, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

Awarded the Best Entertainment & Family Show 2016, the show will allow your children to create their very own Christmas story and decide who should be the main character and what happens next. They can even join in! The Showstopper Elves will take ideas shouted out by children in the audience, and turn them immediately into a magical, musical adventure!


Just shout out what you want to be brought to life - perhaps it's Harry Potter at the North Pole or Peppa Pig riding Santa's sleigh? Best of all? Children are completely in charge! Kids will love taking part in this festive, uplifting show.

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