Pottery and Ceramics Workshop in Bromley

Let the creativity flow at this awesome workshop in Bromley. Book your place today and get little hands involved in creating and decorating pottery and ceramic. At the end of your session you'll get to take home three of your handmade masterpieces!


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Mar 1, 2020
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About the event

Are you and your craft-loving kids ready to get creative at this beginners 2-hour pottery and ceramics workshop? You'll learn everything there is to know about working with clay and then create and decorate your own pieces of pottery.


There will be an expert tutor on hand, who'll teach you to wedge, centre and mould. You will also try your hand at all the basic techniques needed for different forms, including cylinders, vases, bowls and platters, jewellery boxes and loads more. Kids will love learning how to decorate the clay surface with patterns and personalise their designs.


By the end of the workshop you'll be a pottery professional, and you'll be able to take home three of your ceramic pieces, including a rind holder, a patterned bowl and a keepsake for any occasion.

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