9-13 YEARS

Learn to Knit 4 Kids

Calling all creative kids! Take your children to this Learn to Knit 4 Kids workshop, so they can pick up the therapeutic skill of knitting. Your child will leave the studio confident with a ball of yarn and some stitches on a needle!


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Jan 26, 2020
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About the event

This knitting workshop is a great chance for your children to put their creative skills to good use. You will learn about the basic terminology of hand knitting, as well as discovering some useful equipment. At the end of the session, you’ll be familiar with different yarns and how to choose the right one for an upcoming project.


What you need for the workshop, including bamboo needles and yarn, will be included in the cost of the ticket. You’ll be able to get creative and choose a wool, wool blend or other yarn not derived from animals, meaning it's super personal.


You’ll leave the workshop with a whole new skill that'll last a lifetime. Scarves, jumpers, blankets - you name it, you can knit it!

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