So Board at The Old Nun’s Head

Are you a family of board game buffs? Do you spend quality time together battling it out at Monopoly and Articulate? At So Board's monthly 5-hour board game session at The Old Nun's Head, you'll find all your favourite games and so many more.


Next available date:

Jan 26, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

Included in your ticket is 5 hours of unlimited play of games from So Board's massive selection. With more than 160 games available, you can expect new ones, old family favourites and unique games you've never even heard of. You can drop in any time during the session, or go the whole way and play for the whole 5 hours.


From lighthearted party games to complex trivia and strategy, your family will be fully entertained by the brilliant team at So Board. They'll be on hand to help you pick the right game for your group, whether you're just with your family or you've brought your kids' friends along too. 


As an added extra, you can get 20% off any drinks you purchase throughout the day, so it's a total bargain.


This brilliant game-a-thon only takes place once a month, so grab a ticket, put your game face on and get ready to play.

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