So Board at The Albany Fitzrovia

One family activity that's definitely stood the test of time is the humble board game. Whether you're a dab hand at Scrabble, you've got Articulate down to a tee or you're always up for solving a Cluedo mystery, you'll find your favourite game at So Board's 6-hour session in Fitzrovia.


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Mar 21, 2020
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With your ticket you'll have 6 hours of unlimited play from So Board's amazing selection of over 160 games. You can expect new games, old classics and unique ones you've never even heard of. From lighthearted party games to complex trivia and strategy games, your family will be fully entertained by the brilliant team at So Board. They'll be on hand to help you pick the right game for your group, whether you're just coming as a family or you've brought your kids' friends along too.


This exciting board game extravaganza only takes place once a month, so grab your ticket, find your teammates and get playing!

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