8-17 YEARS

The Immersive Harry Potter Tour of Edinburgh

Accio family fun! Whether you're a witch, wizard, muggle or squib, you're invited on this Harry Potter tour of Edinburgh, where you'll be transported to a magical new world; seeing where JK Rowling originally took inspiration for the wizarding world we now know and love.



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Dec 14, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

Get sorted into your Hogwarts house by the Sorting Hat and earn points for your house along the way by answering the quiz questions correctly as you explore Harry Potter locations around the city. Your guide will be sharing cool facts and secret info with you throughout the tour, so you'll be set to pass your O.W.Ls in no time. If you think your Potter knowledge is already top-tier, why not try to outwit them with your knowledge of spells?


You'll visit some of the locations used in the Harry Potter films, including the entrance to Hogwarts and even the final resting place of Lord Voldemort himself! Explore the streets that inspired Diagon Alley, and see the castle on the hill that inspired JK Rowling's image of Hogwarts. Plus, you'll be able to check out The Elephant House, the small cafe where Rowling sat and wrote her first magical manuscript over 20 years ago.


Enjoy a day of walking in the broomsteps of your favourite characters and recreating scenes from the films in this spellbinding tour. Finite incan-tour-tem!

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