The Interactive Harry Potter Tour in Italian

If you’re a family of Potter fans visiting London from Italy, this Harry Potter tour is your opportunity to walk in the broomsteps of your favourite wizards and witches and discover the city’s rich muggle and wizarding history in your own language. Step into a world of spells, secrets and sorcery as you get a glimpse of various film locations, including the famous Platform 9¾ trolley at King’s Cross station.


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Jan 30, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

Unlock the city of London in Italian through Harry Potter’s famously bespectacled eyes. Earn points for your Hogwarts house by testing your knowledge and answering the quiz questions as you explore Harry Potter locations around the city. Test your knowledge against your guide, who’ll be providing you with trivia, re-enactments and movie clips.


You’ll explore iconic Harry Potter locations, including the real Diagon Alley, where Harry buys his first wand, the Leaky Cauldron, the secret wizarding inn and you'll even get to stand on the bridge destroyed by the Death Eaters. Plus, you’ll visit some of London’s must-see spots, like Southwark Cathedral, Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hinde and 800-year-old Borough Market.


A tour that will enchant adults and children alike!

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