Fortnum and Mason Christmas Window

This year’s Fortnum & Mason's Christmas windows will definitely leave you feline festive! Cats are the adorable focus for the department store’s 2019 displays. Featured in all 8 windows, they’re showing us what happens behind the scenes of the famous brand, complete with machinery and turning cogs, you’ll be mesmerised by the moving parts.


Next available date:

Dec 15, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

The Fortnums & Mason cats certainly look purrfect for the part, they’ve even got the traditional little red coats! We love the creativity behind this year’s window display, there’s so much going on you could spend hours looking at everything. Although the windows give a look at what happens behind the scenes, we should point out that the department’s stores famous hampers aren’t actually made by cats, that’d be cat-astrophic!

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