Shoreditch Street Photography Workshop

If you've got any aspiring photographers in your family you'll have a blast on this street photography workshop in Shoreditch. You'll get to explore all the diversity and dynamism of east London, from vibrant street art to kooky street style and everything in between, all while developing your photography skills.


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Apr 5, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

If you've got any budding photographers in the family you'll love the Shoreditch Street Photography Workshop. You'll learn from an expert fine art photographer all of the best tips and tricks on how to capture the creativity and colour of London's East End.


Known as one of the most dynamic, vibrant areas of London, you'll be wandering the bustling market stalls of Brick Lane, passing colourful shop fronts and art galleries of the East End, photographing world-famous street art and quirky characters along the way. 


As the workshop progresses your guide will teach you all about composition, lighting and white balance - all catering to the specific camera you own; whether that's a DSLR, a compact point-and-shoot or an iPhone. You'll learn how shutter speed changes an image, how colour and monochromes create different effects and how to create atmosphere in a shot using aperture.


It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or have photography experience - your incredible guide will lead you to the best spots in the area, and by the end of the tour you'll have photos that you'll treasure forever.

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