Rainbow Bagel Making Workshop

If you've got wannabe chefs or kids who just love to make a mess in the kitchen, this workshop will be perfect. Head to Putney and learn how to make rainbow bagels, the coolest food on Instagram, with Pasta 'n Play.


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Mar 22, 2020
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Kids will love getting hands-on in the kitchen as they make their own piece of bagel dough in a colour of their choice, learning how to knead, what flour works best for bagels and loads more cool bagel facts. When they've finished, everyone's coloured dough will be combined into one vibrant rainbow dough, from which each child will make their own bagels. Each person will be able to make about 5 bagels from their chunk of dough so after all the hard work you'll be able to try your masterpiece and take some home to enjoy later!


All colourings are totally natural, so it's a great way to create a colourful display of food in a fun and healthy way.

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