3-16 YEARS

Family Day Pasta Making Workshop

If you're on the hunt for something different to do with your kids, look no further. Join this hands-on pasta making workshop led by Pasta 'n Play to learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch in a variety of shapes as a family.


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Apr 9, 2020
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Kids will love getting their hands messy at this brilliant pasta-making workshop. When you arrive you'll find all the ingredients laid out for you, and chef Vicky will teach you all her top tips and tricks on how to make a perfect pasta.


Make your own sticky dough from eggs and flour and create different pasta shapes to take home. You can make anything from spaghetti and tagliatelle to maccherroni and colourful pasta. The best part? You'll be learning alongside the kids, which means you'll be picking up a new skill together and can recreate everything at home as a family.


Book today to enjoy a fun afternoon of cooking with your kids.

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