Piccadilly Puzzler Text Quest

Are you a family of sharp-witted Sherlocks looking for something to do together? Look no further, because we've got tickets to an incredible city-wide scavenger hunt. Round up a group of family and friends and embark on a puzzling, problem-solving adventure across London, unravelling clues as you go. All you need is a mobile phone and your best detective skills!


Next available date:

Feb 23, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

On this modern treasure hunt, all your clues will be sent to you via your mobile phone. Up to 4 phones or tablets can be registered to receive clues during the game, so how about splitting into teams and racing to the finish?


Your quest will start amidst the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, through Trafalgar Square, along the Strand and ending within the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square. You'll receive clues and directions via text and it's up to you to decipher where you're heading next. When you send your correct answer, you'll be given another clue, advancing to your next location until you reach the end! If you ever get stuck, don't worry, you'll be in contact with a team member who can help.


We recommend around 4 members per team but you can have as many as you'd like. It's the perfect half-term activity for families with older kids aged 12+, but if you have slightly younger children, why not try out the Reveal the London Bankers Quest instead?


Make the most of this incredible family activity and grab your voucher before they sell out. Are you up to the challenge?

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