London Bridges Text Quest

We're going on a scavenger hunt! Gather a group of family and friends and embark on an epic journey across London, solving clues along the way. It's great for older kids aged over 12 - all you need is a mobile phone and your detective skills. 


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Apr 3, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

You'll travel on a mysterious journey from Cleopatra's Needle along the Thames to St Paul's Cathedral on this brilliant new take on a treasure hunt, solving clues and riddles as you advance to the next location. The twist? Your clues will be sent to you via your mobile phone! With up to 4 phones or web-enabled tablets allowed during the quest, why not split into teams and turn it into a competition to see who can make it to St Paul's first? Your team can be as big as you want, but 2-4 people is the recommended size.


On this hunt you'll see some of the city's most interesting and historic bridges, from the iconic turquoise Tower Bridge to the modern marvel of the Millennium Bridge, solving clues about them as you go. Stuck on a clue? You'll cross that bridge when you come to it!


It's a moderate difficulty level and is suitable for kids aged 12+. If you've got slightly younger kids, why not try the Reveal the London Banker Quest instead? The clues won't be too difficult but you may need to search carefully for the answers. Typically the walk takes around 2 hours, so bring snacks! There are no start time restrictions, so why not head out in the early evening so that you can enjoy the stunning daytime views, incredible sunset and dazzling nighttime lights?


Don't miss out on this city-wide scavenger hunt across London's coolest bridges - we can't get over it.

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