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19% discount: London Time Tour

Sure, there are other sightseeing tours, but this is the only one where you travel in a time machine! Hop aboard the wacky professor's special modified Routemaster bus and go on a time-travelling adventure around London's famous landmarks, including St Paul's, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey. Kidadlers can make the most of a 19% discount on family tickets so don't miss out.



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Apr 4, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

Professor Quantum, who claims to be the most historically accurate and fascinating tour guide of the British Isles, will be using his gadgets and gizmos to uncover the most interesting parts of London for you and your family. He'll be showering you with factoids and anecdotes galore about old London, and you'll even get the chance to use the on-board time phone to chat with famous figures from British history like Shakespeare and the Duke of Wellington.


Kids will love the interactive and theatrical element of the tour, and best of all, the historical information you'll be given is aligned with the national curriculum, which means it's a super fun educational day out.


Cruise across the capital on London's most weird and wonderful tour and save 19% on a family ticket when you book through Kidadl.

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