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Escape rooms get even more intense when there is a kidnapping and an unsolved crime involved! Your friend has been missing for days but the police aren't even close to arresting the kidnapper. You decide to take matters into your own hands and head to the suspect's last known location at Escape London in Shadwell. Will you find your friend, or meet a similar fate?


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Dec 12, 2019
Multiple Days Available

About the event

This escape room is particularly thrilling - there aren't many where you have to solve a huge crime whilst simultaneously trying to avoid being taken by a mysterious criminal! Once you've managed to track his last known location, it's up to you to discover whether it's just an old office block, or a secret lair where your friend is being held captive.


This room is not for the faint-hearted and its complexity means it has a 5-star difficulty rating. It's suitable for kids aged 10 and older. Don't worry if you were looking for something slightly simpler, Escape London have plenty of other rooms to try, including the magical Witchracft & Wizardry and intriguing OverThrone.

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