36% discount: The Cabin Escape Room

Not all camping trips end well, but this one takes a particularly bad turn. In this Escape London game, all of your belongings have been stolen and you've got to head to the mysterious cabin in Shepherd's Bush to see if you can get them back. The bigger your team, the bigger the discount, so round up your friends and family and work together to beat the game!


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Apr 3, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

All that's been left in your empty tent is a mysterious note telling you to go to the cabin if you ever want your belongings back. It's getting cold and dark, will you and your team take the risk? You'll need your wits, courage and teamwork if you want to escape this camping nightmare.


This escape room may sound like a simple concept but don't be fooled. With a 5-star difficulty rating and a minimum age of 12, it's bound to be a challenge for you and your fellow campers. There are loads more great escape rooms at the Shepherd's Bush venue, including the Da Vinci themed one and the medieval OverThrone.

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