36% discount: Area 51 Escape Room

You may have thought Area 51 was in America, but Escape London have brought some of the alien life to Shepherd's Bush. Not only does this escape room take on beings from another planet, you've also got to travel back in time to find out what actually happened in Area 51 way back in 1952. You're definitely in for a challenge, but with a discount of up to 36%, you can work as a team to escape!


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Apr 3, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

Time travel and aliens come together to create the ultimate escape game. Find out what happened to the missing news reporters who ventured into Area 51 in 1952, fix your broken time machine so you can make it home, all while watching out for strange creatures from another planet!


Escape London have filled this game with excitement and adventure, making it a 4-star difficulty rating and suitable for over 10s. If you don't fancy bumping into an extraterrestial being there are plenty of other escape rooms you can try, including this spooky camping-themed one!

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