36% discount: Da Vinci Escape Room

Most kids have a mischievous streak, so here's a chance to put it to good use! This exciting escape room sets the challenge of stealing one of Da Vinci's most famous pieces of artwork from a collector so that it can be put on display for everyone to see. With a discount of 36% when you book through Kidadl, you can use your powers of deception and cunning for the greater good!


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Apr 5, 2020
Multiple Days Available

About the event

This escape game has been years in the making. You've been helping a wealthy researcher acquire pieces of Da Vinci's work, you've gained his trust and have access to his house while he's away, and it's all come down to this final heist. The house is empty, you know about his security systems... how hard can it be?


With a 3-star difficulty rating this Escape London game is a great one for beginners. If you don't think law-breaking is for you, there are plenty more themed rooms for you to try, from royal-themed OverThrone to the enchanting Witchcraft & Wizardry.

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