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In a city as famous as London, you'd think you'd have seen everything by now, but behind the grand palaces and the bright lights, there's a whole world hidden away for you to discover. Explore the city from the comfort of a private black cab on this London sightseeing tour with a twist; from Roman ruins and medieval gates to hidden courtyards and 17th-century taverns and everything in between, there's so much to explore.


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Jan 27, 2020
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On this tour, you'll stumble upon locations most tourists (and locals!) haven't even heard of. As you explore a 17th-century tavern, wander down narrow cobbled medieval streets and see ancient Roman ruins, you'll be transported back hundreds, or even thousands of years back in time, walking through the pages of London's history.


You'll find a whole host of fascinating places that have survived fires, city development and centuries of footfall. Bear in mind that in order to explore these fascinating places, you'll be doing a bit more walking than most other taxi tours. Your guide will lead you around the city, giving you fun facts and fascinating historical anecdotes along the way, stopping the cab at various points for you to get out and explore up close.


The tour is perfect for tourists who've visited the city before, or for locals who want to uncover a new side of the city they already know. Book your voucher now and experience this incredible capital from a whole new perspective.


If this is your first time in London or you've got visitors coming to stay, why not take them on the London Highlights Taxi Tour instead? You'll get to see all the top attractions the city is famous for.

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