14% off: Leaping Frog at the Cockpit Family Ticket

Take your little froglets to see a special show that will have the whole family jumping for joy! Head to The Cockpit Theatre for this perfect puppet show following the journey of Goggles – a cheerful little wood frog who catapults from the calm of Little Pond into the big outside world.


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Jul 27, 2019
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While the outside world might be full of excitement, it’s also full of challenges for Goggles – Mr Fisher the heron being the main one! Expect lots of laughs and fun facts about frogs as you go on a voyage with Goggles as she tries to find her way home. 


As well as being brilliantly entertaining, Goggles the frog will help children to understand the central role that frogs play in many ecosystems – including controlling the insect population (and being a food source for bigger animals!). 


This performance is part of Nature Keepers Festival, a series of workshops and events encouraging local people to learn about and enjoy nature together.

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