Natalie Jones

So my name is Natalie I am 38 nearly 39 years old (but don’t tell anyone) I grew up in Essex but have moved around the south for most of my life. I was living and working in East London when I meet my partner Gareth online, there was an instant attraction of course but he just seemed so genuine and kind and a bit of a gent so straight away I was hooked 😊 I was a bit of a partier when he meet me, going to Ibiza twice a year and going to all the festivals which I managed to convince him to come to once or twice, then after 3 years he asked me to move to Cambridge which was a big ask as all my friends and family were in Essex and East London, but I knew he was the one for me so had to make the choice and since then I’ve never looked back. We lived a great life, going to fancy restaurants, and having weekends away and going to great locations for holidays, but then decided we wanted to extend our family and try for a bubba, which came sooner than expected as we fell after 6 weeks of trying, we were both so happy its all both of us ever wanted and it was all coming true.