Why Your Family Will Love Golders Hill Park

Family enjoying Golders Hill Park.

Part of Hampstead Heath's expansive greenery, Golders Hill Park is a beautiful formal park in Golders Green. With stunning landscaped gardens and the eclectic (and free!) Golders Hill Park Zoo, this North London park provides the perfect family day out when you need to escape the busy streets of central London. Highly recommended by Kidadlers, mum Angela says "Take a picnic! Great sandpit and adventure park, a few animals and fab place just to walk around or have a kick about". Read on to discover why your family will love Golders Hill Park too!

golders hill park bench

Fun-Filled Family Features

Situated in the west heath of area of Hampstead, Golders Hill Park is home to an array of activities that kids and adults alike will love exploring. Golders Hill Park boasts peaceful water gardens, tennis courts and year-round table tennis, an exciting children's play area and - one of the park's highlights - a mesmerising butterfly house (only open from March-October, check the website for details!).

One of London's Only Free Zoos!

Amidst the beautiful park is also Golders Hill Park Zoo. This hidden gem is home to whole heap of exotic animals from lemurs and donkeys to kookaburras and egrets. Here you can find a great children’s adventure playground, the butterfly house, deer park and woodland area with scurrying squirrels!

Ice Cream For Every Season

Treat yourself to some delicious locally-made ice cream a the park's famous neighbouring parlour! The Golders Hill Park Cafe serves the ice-cream with all of its kids meals, along with a great range of warming food and drinks. The Park also has plenty of picnic tables to sit at if you choose to bring your own food with you.

golders hill park ice cream

Things To Know Before You Visit

The Park is free to enter and open 7:30am-4:30pm daily. Easily accessible by public transport, Golders Green tube station is just a 10-15 minute walk away. Alternatively, parking in Golders Green is available at Jack Straw's car park and Golders Hill Park car park, and there is pay and display on some of the surrounding roads and some free on-street parking on Sundays. There are baby-changing facilities in the public toilets, and the park also has buggy and wheelchair access.

Make A Day Of It...

Explore the beautiful Hampstead Heath, head to the Hampstead Museum and Keats' House for some literary culture, visit the wonderful RAF Museum for some free family air force fun, or head to Parisian-style La Crêperie De Hampstead for some deliciously indulgent crepes!

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