Weekly Offers, 11th-17th November

Kids waiting for the bus.

The festive season is all about spending time together, so whether you head out on a carol-singing escapade across London, attend a Christmassy cooking class or experience the magic of Santa’s grotto, we’ve got your family time covered.

Magical Santa’s Grotto at The Twisted Fork

Magical Santa's Grotto is coming at The Twisted Fork, London’s only magic-themed cafe. Little tots aged 3 years and above are guaranteed to get into the festive spirit with this spellbinding day full of presents, close-up magic and many more!

The Showstoppers’ Christmas Kids Show

Improvisation, imagination and a sprinkle of fairy dust! Watch improv royalty work their magic at Leicester Square and bring your Christmas stories to life at The Showstoppers’ Christmas Kids Show suitable for kids aged 6 and over.

The Showstoppers Christmas Kids Show

Festive Silent Disco Adventure in London

You’ll be singing all the way ho ho home after this silent disco! Head at The Admiralty, grab a headset, copy your tour guide’s moves and let the festive spirit move you across the city in this dynamic silent disco adventure perfect for mini dancers aged 5 and above.

Christmas Special: Macaron Masterclass

This macaron masterclass is the sweetest treat of all! Treat yourself to a macaron-making masterclass in Manchester - the Bake Off tent is calling your name. Mini chefs aged 8 and above will get to bake their very own tasty creations, decorate them and take them home to share them with the rest of the family.

A Christmas Carol

Don’t be a scrooge - head to The Old Vic today! Back by popular demand, A Christmas Carol is back and you can expect mince pies, merriment and a brilliantly immersive audience experience that will dazzle everyone aged 8 and above.

The Nutcracker at London Coliseum

There’s a classic Christmas cracker at the London Coliseum. With spellbinding sets, incredible musicians and over 100 dancers, The Nutcracker is the perfect outing for tots aged 5 and above, and a treat your family will never forget.

The Nutcracker at London Coliseum


You’ll definitely want to see this more than once at the Fairfield Halls. Based on the much-loved film and West End hit musical Once is not to be missed. Perfect for older kids aged 10 and above this award winning broadway play is filled to the brim with live music, compelling characters and inventive stagecraft, transporting the whole family to the incredible world of Once this Christmas.



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