Unmissable 48% Off Stick Man for Half-Term!

Stick man

Here at Kidadl we're all about bringing you the best things to do as a family, at the best price so obviously, we needed to share this amazing discount on Scamp Theatre's production of Stick Man. They're offering an exclusive 48% off for Kidadlers if you book a performance at Leicester Square Theatre before the 27th of October!

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's Stick Man is back on stage in the West End! The hugely popular kid's book makes a brilliant live show, it'll be as if you and your children have actually stepped into the pages during story-time. The performance is made even more exciting by the zany songs, silly dances and ingenious props that help bring Stick Man's adventure to life. The family favourite is one not to miss, especially with 48% off!

Stick Man's family tree!

If you don't know Stick Man's story, he just wants to get home to his family tree but keeps getting into sticky situations: chased by a dog, woven into a nest and flung on a fire! Kids will be fascinated by the creative way their favourite bits of the book are brought to life, swirling umbrellas make the ocean’s waves and Santa’s sleigh is created just through the cast's movement. The inventive staging means the show will appeal to adults too and we're sure you'll know the words just as well as the kids.

With plenty of audience participation, including a beach ball game and a few panto moments, your little ones will be captivated from start to finish!

Rubber ring fun at Stick Man!

Remember to book before the 27th of October to access this brilliant discount, perfect timing for half-term!



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