32 Tree Puns And Jokes That Are Unbe-leaf-ably Funny

Trees in a forest, the sunlight shining through, purple flowers on the ground.

Image © Simon Bradfield, under a creative commons license.

Looking for a wide choice of the best funny tree puns and jokes to make the whole family giggle?

Over thousands of years, trees add beauty to the natural world, providing food and shelter for a wide variety of animal species. While they take up water through their roots and take carbon dioxide from the air, you won't be-leaf the number of jokes they've also inspired.

We've got an awesome collection of knock knock jokes, funny tree puns and enough tree jokes for adults and kids to stay occupied for hours.

Knock Knock Tree Jokes

You won't have to hike through a forest to find your first trees jokes, just breeze through these beauties right here.

1) Knock knock?  

Who's there?


Cassie Who?

Cassie the wood for the trees.

2) Knock knock

Who's there?


Tree who?

Have a tree-rific day!

3) Knock knock

Who's there?


Tree Who?

The tree wise men.

Favourite Tree Jokes With Animals

Tree with the bark cut off and shaped like an hourglass.
© Fietzfotos, under a creative commons license.

They live in them, feed off them, and help create this tree-based humour. Say hello to these rib-tickling tree and animal funnies.

4) How do you identify a Dogwood tree?  By its bark.

5) What did the beaver say to the tree when he left the riverbank? It's been nice gnawing you.

6) What tree is successful at equestrian sport? It's the horse chestnut, it often conkers the opposition.

7) Why aren't squirrels working hard collecting the acorns from the oak tree? They all called in sick and went to the beech.

8) What do you get when you cross a pine tree with a pig? A pork-u-pine.

9) What is a trees favourite dinosaur called? The tree-rex.

10) Why was the cat always scared of the tree? Because of its bark.

Funny Question And Answer Tree Jokes

The laughs will keep on coming with these question and answer jokes.

11) What did the Jedi say to a nearby tree? May the forest be with you.

12) Why do trees love to watch star trek? They all love to read the Captains log.

13) What month of the year does a tree never look forward to? Sep-timber.

14) Why did the Queen have problems with all the trees in her kingdom? She was jealous they had a bigger crown than her.

15) What can trees use to make sure they're heard in the forest? They turn up the Amp-leaf-ication.

16) How do trees get online? They log-on to the internet.

17) What did a tree do when its bank was shut? It opened its own branch.

18) What do trees wear to a pool party? Swimming trunks.

Funny Tree Jokes

Trees in the forest covered in snow during winter.
© Jill Wellington, under a creative commons license.

These jokes are sure to get to the root of the best tree-themed humour.

19) Why can't Christmas trees sew? Because they're always dropping their needles.

20) Why are trees no good at school tests? They get stumped by the questions.

21) What radio station to trees like to listen to? Any station playing the poplar hits.

22) What do trees wear when it's cold? Their fir coats.

23) Why can you find ice cream under the Christmas tree? Because it goes with the pine-cones.

24) Where do trees go when they want to relax? A wilderness retreet.

25) How does a tree get lost? It keeps taking the wrong root.

26) What do trees always say when Spring arrives? What a re-leaf!

27) What type of tree will fit in your hand? A palm tree.

Funny Tree Puns

The kids will love bringing a smile with these snappy tree puns.

28) Did you hear about the athletic trees? they competed in a tree-athlon.

29) Different military sides solve their disagreements by signing a treaty.

30) Did you hear about the tree that was always lucky? He was on a winning  s-tree-k.

31) All these tree puns are quite over-elming.

32) The tree was stumped- he just couldn't get to the root of the problem!



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