Top Tips For Cracking The Crystal Maze In Manchester!

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Looking for a fun, action-packed day out that will test your whole family? See if you can crack the challenges of the Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester! Whether you’re a faithful fan of the popular 90s game show or just looking for a day full of fun challenges, this is a day out you won’t forget. Located right in the centre of Manchester, close to Deansgate station, you and your family will be able to enjoy the Crystal Maze Live Experience before heading out to explore Manchester city itself. Here's our guide to what you can expect - and what you'll have to do to get those elusive crystals!

What Is The Crystal Maze Live Experience?

crystal maze experience manchester

The Crystal Maze Live Experience is a faithful re-creation of the classic game show so many people loved in the 90s - except here, you will be put right in the centre of the experience! Get together with your friends and family and form a team to crack the challenges the maze will throw your way. As you navigate the crystal maze, you will be assigned a maze master who will bring the experience to life and guide you through the challenges.

What Are The Crystal Maze Live Experience Challenges?

You will need to pick a team captain from your group, who will then decide who gets to take on which challenge -  but don't worry, you will be able to work together as a team to figure out the best way to get through the challenges!

As you move through the Crystal Maze, you will encounter four different themed adventure zones: Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Futuristic. You will complete different challenges in these zones, picking up Crystals along the way, and using these at the end to win time in the Crystal Dome. Each of the zones are brilliantly recreated to look like the originals, so fans of the TV show will feel as if they have wandered onto the set.

The live experience is made up of four different types of challenges - mental, physical, mystery and skill. Each one of these challenges is unique, and, if you have visited the London Crystal Maze Live Experience, then you can expect a completely different set of challenges at the Crystal Maze Manchester site. Some of the games from the original show have been re-created for the Live Experience, so you will be able to feel as if you are a contestant on the show yourself.

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Mental Challenges

These brain-teasers will involve solving puzzles in order to win crystals. You will have to work against the clock to solve problems, so if you have any mathematicians in your family they will love these challenges.

Physical Challenges

You will also come up against some physical challenges as you move through the maze. You will run, crawl and lift your way through these tasks - if you are all about testing yourself physically, these challenges are for you.

Mystery Challenges

Similar to the mental challenges, these types of challenge might leave you scratching your head! Viewers of the TV show will remember mystery tasks such as answering riddles and completing virtual obstacle courses - remember, your team can always give you advice from the sidelines!  

Skill Challenges

All kinds of different tasks will come your way in the skill challenge section of the crystal maze. It will be a race against time to complete these tricky challenges as well as you can - this might include things like moving through laser beams, throwing things at targets, or driving through obstacles.

Finally, you will make it to the Dome - here, the aim is simply to get as many tokens as you can in the time you have earned - these all count for your final score, so make sure to grab as many as you can in the time you have!

Once you reach the end, your team will enter the Crystal Dome and try to grab as many tokens as you can. Make sure to check if you have made your way onto the leader board before you leave!

Kidadl Tips To Know Before You Go

tips for manchester's crystal maze
What should I wear to the Crystal Maze Manchester?

Because the Crystal Maze Live Experience involves some physical activities, it is advised that you and your team wear comfortable clothes that you will find easy to move around in. It can also get quite hot inside the maze, so you may want to avoid wearing things like thick jumpers. For footwear, trainers are probably your best bet, and for safety reasons high heels and open-toed sandals aren't allowed. You will get a free locker in which you can store any coats or bags, so no need to worry about taking them inside the maze itself! Unfortunately, you won't be able to wear the famous satin bomber jackets inside the maze,  but you will get a chance to pose for a photo wearing them outside of the Crystal Dome.

How big does my team need to be?

Your team will be made up of eight members-  however, don't worry if your group is smaller than that - if you have a small group, you will be paired up with another group you will make your way around the Crystal Maze with.

How long does the Crystal Maze Live Experience last?

The Crystal Maze Live Experience itself lasts around seventy minutes. This is just the game section of the experience itself, however - you will also need to allow for around thirty minutes before your allotted start time to go through health and safety, store your belongings, and, of course, pose for a free team photo!

How do I get to the Crystal Maze Live Experience?

The Crystal Maze Live Experience is located in the centre of Manchester, right next to the Science and Industry Museum.

If you're arriving by train, Salford Central and Deansgate stations are both ten minute walks away. If you're driving, then a few car parks nearby offer a discount if you validate your tickets with the Crystal Maze.

All in all, the Crystal Maze Live Experience offers a fun experience full of activities for you and your family - if this sounds like your thing, be sure to book as soon as possible!



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