100 Top Names Beginning With T

Future Parent Researching Top Baby Names Beginning With T

Picking a name for your baby can definitely be a challenge, especially if you don't know whether or not you'll be having a boy or girl.

If it's a name beginning with a T that you're looking for, we've got plenty of inspiration for you. From English to Greek, to Latin to Japanese origins, you're bound to fall in love with one of the gorgeous baby names below, and have so much fun learning all of their special meanings.

So whatever the outcome, boy or girl - we have a name for you. From Talia and Tessa to Tao and Tobias, check out 100 of our favourite male, female, and unisex names!

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Girl Names

Future Parent Researching Top Baby Names Beginning With T

Looking for that perfect baby girl name beginning with the letter T? We've got plenty of classic, unique, unusual, and just outright beautiful names to pick from. Whichever you choose from, you're bound to end up with a special moniker close to your heart!

1) Tabitha (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Gazelle".

2) Taffy (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Beloved, or Friend".

3) Tahira (of Arabic Origin) meaning "Pure, or Cleansed".

4) Tala (of Persian Origin) meaning "Gold".

5) Talia (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Dew of God, Lamb, or To Bloom".

6) Taliyah (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Female Lamb".

7) Tallulah (of American Origin) meaning "Leaping Water".

8) Tamara (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Palm Tree".

9) Tammy (of Russian Origin) meaning "Palm Tree".

10) Tandi (of Ethiopian Origin) meaning "Mum".

11) Tania (of Russian Origin) meaning "Fairy Queen".

12) Tanya (of Russian Origin) meaning "Fairy Queen".

13) Tara (of Irish Origin) meaning "Light of the Soul".

14) Tasha (of Greek Origin) meaning "Resurrection".

15) Tasia (of American Origin) meaning "Resurrection".

16) Tatiana (of Russian Origin) meaning "Fairy Queen, or Princess".

17) Taya (of Japanese Origin) meaning "Young, Divine, or Tender".

18) Tealla (of American Origin) meaning "One of Light, or Shining Soul".

19) Teela (of American Origin) meaning "Teal Bird, or the Colour Teal".

20) Tehani (of Tahitian Origin) meaning "The Sweet Caress of Flowers".

21) Tenley (of English Origin) meaning "Burnt Clearing".

22) Tennessee (of American Origin) meaning "Meeting Place, or Winding River".

23) Tess (of Greek Origin) meaning "Harvester, or To Reap".

24) Tessa (of Greek Origin) meaning "Bourn fourth".

25) Thalia (of Greek Origin) meaning "To Blossom or Flourish".

26) Thea (of Greek Origin) meaning "Goddess".

27) Thelma (of Greek Origin) meaning "Will, or Volition."

28) Theresa (of Greek Origin) meaning "Late Summer".

29) Tia (of Greek Origin) meaning "Joy, or Happiness".

30) Tiana (of Latin Origin) meaning "Princess".  

31) Tierra (of Spanish Origin) meaning "Earth, or Land".

32) Tiffany (of Greek Origin) meaning "Manifestation of God".

33) Tilda (or English Origin) meaning "Battle Strength".

34) Tilly (of German Origin) meaning "Strength in Battle".

35) Tina (of English Origin) meaning "River, or Follower of Christ".

36) Tinley (of English Origin) meaning "Hedge, or Fence".

37) Tinsley (of English Origin) meaning "Hill, or Mound".

38) Tonia (of Latin Origin) meaning "Praiseworthy".

39) Tori (of English Origin) meaning "Winner, or Conqueror".

40) Tracy (of Irish Origin) meaning "War-Like, or Fighter".

41) Treasure (of English Origin) meaning "Treasure, Wealth, or Origin".

42) Trina (of Scandinavian Origin) meaning "Triple".

43) Trinity (of English Origin) meaning "Pertaining To The Holy Trinity".

44) Trisha (of English and Hindi Origin) meaning "Noble, Desire, or Thirst".

45) Trixie (of English Origin) meaning "Bringer of Joy, or Bringer of Happiness".

46) Trudy (of English Origin) meaning "Spear, or Strength".

47) True (of English Origin) meaning "Real, or Genuine".

48) Tuesday (of English Origin) meaning "Tiw's Day".

49) Tulisa (of Irish Origin) meaning "Princess of Abundance".

50) Twyla (of American Origin) meaning "Twilight".

51) Tyra (of Scandinavian Origin) meaning "Fighting, or Thunder Goddess".

Boy Names

If it's a baby boy that you're expecting, you're in luck. We know that it can be difficult to find many boy names beginning with T, but we've rounded up our favourite popular, meaningful, and loveable names to give you as much choice as possible!

Future Parent Researching Top Baby Names Beginning With T

52) Tadashi (of Japanese Origin) meaning "True, Lucky, or Devotion".

53) Tanner (of English Origin) meaning "Leather Maker".

54) Tao (of Chinese Origin) meaning "Peach, or Long Life".

55) Tariq (of Arabic Origin) meaning "To Strike".

56) Tayden (of American Origin) meaning "Wonderful and God-Given".

57) Tedrick (of German Origin) meaning "Leader of the People".

58) Terence (of Latin Origin) meaning "Smooth".

59) Teryl (of English Origin) meaning "Bright, or Vivacious".

60) Tevan (of English Origin) meaning "Pleasant Garden".

61) Thad (of Greek Origin) meaning "Heart, or Courageous Heart".

62) Thaniel (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "God has Given".

63) Thatcher (of English Origin) meaning "Roof Thatcher".

64) Theobald (German Origin) meaning "People, or Bold".

65) Thiago (of Portuguese Origin) meaning "May God Protect".

66) Thomas (of Aramaic Origin) meaning "Twin, or Leader".

67) Thomson (of Scottish Origin) meaning "Son of Thom".

68) Timothy (of Greek Origin) meaning "Honouring God, or in God's Honour".

69) Tino (of Italian Origin) meaning "Little".

70) Tito (of Latin Origin) meaning "Saved".

71) Titus (of Latin Origin) meaning "Title of Honour".

72) Tobias (of Greek and Hebrew Origin) meaning "Goodness of Yahweh (a form of the Hebrew name of God)".

73) Toby (of Hebrew Origin) meaning "Good is Yahweh (a form of the Hebrew name of God)".

74) Todd (of English Origin) meaning "Fox".

75) Tomlin (of English Origin) meaning "Twin, or Little Tom".

76) Travis (of French Origin) meaning "Traverser, or To Cross".

77) Trent (of Latin Origin) meaning "Gushing Waters".

78) Trenton (of English Origin) meaning "The Town By The River".

79) Trevor (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Homestead, or Settlement".

80) Trey (of English Origin) meaning "Three, or Third".

81) Trigg (of English Origin) meaning "Trustworthy, or Faithful".

82) Tripp (of English Origin) meaning "A Dancer".

83) Troy (of Irish and Greek Origin) meaning "Foot Soldier, or from the city of Troy ".

84) Tristan (of Welsh Origin) meaning "Noise, To Clatter, or Bold".

85) Truan (of Spanish Origin) meaning "Joker".

86) Truett (of English Origin) meaning "River Bend".

87) Tucker (of English Origin) meaning "One who works with Cloth".

88) Turner (of English or Scottish Origin) meaning "Fast Runner".

89) Tyler (of English Origin) meaning "House Builder".

90) Tyson (of American Origin) meaning "High Spirit".

91) Tyrese (of English Origin) meaning "Smart, or Talented".

Unisex Names

Future Parent Researching Top Baby Names Beginning With T

Not sure whether you're having a boy or girl, or simply just want to choose a gorgeous unisex name for your newborn? Take a look at our favourites down below - we're sure you'll find something special!

92) Tai (of Chinese and Maori Origin) meaning "Great Extreme".

93) Tate (of English Origin) meaning "Glad, Cheerful, or Happy".

94) Tatum (of English Origin) meaning "Cheerful, or Bringer of Joy".

95) Taylor (of French or Latin Origin) meaning  "Tailor, or Clothed with Salvation".

96) Teagan (of Irish Origin) meaning "Attractive, Beautiful, or Perfect".

97) Teddy (of English Origin) meaning "Divine Gift".

98) Terry (of German Origin) meaning "Power of the Tribe".

99) Theo (of Greek Origin) meaning "God, or Divine Gift".

100) Tony (of English Origin) meaning "Triumphant".



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