Top 50 Books For Year Three Kids (Aged 7-8)

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Snuggling up with a good book is the perfect way for children to escape into a world of pure imagination, especially during lockdown.

From classic children’s authors like Roald Dahl to new, exciting writers like Tom Fletcher, there’s quite literally a book for a child of all reading abilities. Whilst an exotic holiday may be out of reach, with a turn of a page you can fly off to another world through the help of a book.

If your child’s brain is engaged then reading is a pleasure, not a pain. If reading is tricky, try picture books and paired reading where you can take it in turn to read a paragraph out loud, this way they can hear you read and follow the words. Reading together with your child increases their confidence and comprehension skills.

Now for the best bit - sit back and enjoy browsing the top 50 books for seven-year-olds below!

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Picture Books

1. Actual Size by Steve Jenkins

Beautifully illustrated, the child can see the “actual” size of every animal. Fun, engaging, creative and educational.

2. Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon

Many children will have seen the popular TV shows and will enjoy following the crazy adventures of Horrid Henry.

3. At Our House by Isabel Minhos Martins

A lively and colourful picture book which asks the reader to search for things relating to the people living in the author's house - including gross intestines -very appealing to 7-year-olds!

4. The World According to Humphrey by Betty G Birney

Hilarious adventure of a boy and hamster, written from the hamster’s perspective.

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5. The Moomins by Tove Jansson

The Moomins are kind, loyal and welcoming creatures who love adventures in the Finnish forests, enchanting book series.

6. The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

Tackles complex themes such as bullying and loneliness.

7. Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

Colour comic book style, exploring persistence and empathy through humour.

8. Varjak Paw by S F Said

An exotic blue cat finds himself thrust into a world of strange adventures.

9. The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom Mclaughlin

A hilarious tale of a boy who becomes PM.

10. King Kong  by Anthony Browne

This classic story is in a large format and ideal for reading with your child.

11. The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson

A funny twist on the abominable snowman legend, a boy and a girl hatch a plan to save a family of yetis from hunters.

12. Lovely by Jess Hong

Celebrating all of our lovely differences through award-winning illustrations.

Weird...but true

13. Guinness World Records 2020

The best selling factual books will make your child gasp and laugh in equal measures at the toe-curling crazy antics of human endeavour.

14. Ripley's Believe it or Not 2020 by Ripley

Filled with all-true, but bizarre facts comparing events, inventions and people.

15. Weird but True! 2020 by National Geographic

Outrageous facts, based on the hugely popular magazine with lots of fun informatino. Did you know caterpillars have 12 eyes?

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Dyslexia Friendly Books

Dyslexia friendly books with tinted paper and clear typeface.

16. All I said Was by Michael Morpurgo

About a boy who wants to fly and a bird who wants to read.

17. Wolfman by Michael Rosen

Help! There is a wolfman on the loose!

18. Captain Whiskers by Jeremy Strong

Everyone in Jackson's class has a pet while all he has is a brother. But, a strange encounter changes all this.

19. Magicat by Jennifer Gray

A cat is knocked off a witch's broom and asks; What's the harm in practising a little bit of magic?

20. Diary of a Wimpy Kid : The Meltdown  by Jeff Kinney

The laugh out loud novel, in diary format is 50% words, 50% cartoons and 100% hilarious.

21. Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith

This hilarious adventure series features an ordinary boy in a world of heroes. 7+

22. Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

When a pinboard lands on Stanley, he's left completely flattened, sent to America in an envelope, will he be able to unflatten himself?

23. Wilf the Mighty Worrier Saves the World  by Georgia Pritchett

Wilf worries about everything -  then Alan - the evil lunatic, comes along, can Wilf save the day? Great for less confident readers.

24. The Diary of a Cat Killer by Anne Fine

What would you do if you found out your cat is a killer?

Modern Classics

books for year three kids

25. Winnie The Pooh by A A Milne

Beautifully illustrated books following everybody's favourite bear and friends.

26. The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

The book series features, Mildred Hubble, a hapless witch at witch school.

27. Charlotte's Webb by  E.B White

This modern classic follows the adventures of a girl and her pet spider, Charlotte, who save the life of her lovable pig. Themes of fear and mortality.

28. Nature Stories by Enid Blyton

Thirty classic tales by the world's best loved children's author. Enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors with this inspiring book, perfect for bedtime reading.

29. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl  

This classic tale about Charlie Bucket and his grandpa have enchanted children for decades. Illustrations by Quentin Blake.

30. Matilda by Roald Dahl

Children will love the story of enchanting Matilda, the girl who loved reading in a dysfunctional household.

31. The BFG by Roald Dahl

BFG stands for the Big Friendly Giant, who befriends a little girl called Sophie, together they rid the world of gruesome giants.

32. Amazing Grace by  Mary Hoffman

The inspiring message of this groundbreaking novel is - follow your dreams.

33. My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards

Classic illustrated tales of the naughtiest little sister in the world - she doesn't even like Father Christmas!

Factual and Educational

34. The Extraordinary Life of Malala Yousafzai by Hilda Noor Khan

35. The Extraordinary Life of Stephen Hawking by Esther Mols

36. The Extraordinary Life of Neil Armstrong by Martin Howard

37. The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson by Devika Jina

38. The Extraordinary Life of Anne Frank by Kate Scott

39. See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes

Small hands can explore and lift over 50 flaps to find out more about the human body.  The big See Inside books are bold, entertaining and educational

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Humorous Books

40. The Creakers by Tom Fletcher

Famous McFly boy band member turns author and asks the question; What would you do if all the grown-ups disappeared?  Perfect for children to read independently or with a grown-up!

41.  Slime by David Walliams

A fantastically funny tale from best-selling author David Walliams,  a young wheelchair-bound boy takes very slimy revenge on adult tormentors.

42. The Queen's Nose by Dick King-Smith

Dick King-Smith weaves a magical, exciting story in this funny, family tale when a treasure trail ends in finding a magical 50p, which, when you rub the queen's nose, your wishes come true!

43. Clarice Bean, That's Me by Lauren Child

Set in a chaotic family house by multi-award-winning Lauren Child. Clarice is a quirky and enchanting heroine and gives the reader a snapshot of her family life.

44.  Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Follow Pippi Longstocking on her amazing adventures with a monkey, horse and a suitcase of gold coins. Pure escapism for young minds.

45. How to Train Your Parents by Pete Johnson

A comic tale about uber-competitive parents!

46. Sleep Overs by Jacqueline Wilson

One for readers aged 7-9,  exploring issues surrounding bullying as well as how to make new friends.

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Magic and Fantasy

47. The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd

A warm-hearted debut, perfect for an independent reader full of magic and charm.  

48. Dragons at Crumbling Castle and other stories by Terry Pratchett

Dragons have invaded the castle and all of the knights are on holiday. A funny, action-packed collection of 14 short stories.

49. Beast Quest by Adam Blade

Fast-paced exciting series of books, ideal for children age 7-8, set in a fantasy land of dragons and wizards.

50. Kay's Anatomy: A complete (and completely disgusting) guide to the human body by Adam Kay

Parents may know the author from This is Going To Hurt, now young readers can enjoy the side-splitting humour of a deliciously disgusting tour of our bodies. (release date Oct 2020)



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