Top 10 Free Events in London Parks this Summer

Children enjoying free events in the park

What better way to enjoy the London sunshine than by checking out some of the city's incredible parks? Whether your kids are big or small, whatever the budget, free events are happening throughout London's parks. We've rounded up the coolest and most unique events taking place across the capital this summer, so save your pennies and come and play!

1. Enjoy some free and fantastic art at the Frieze Sculpture Park 2019 from 3rd July till 6th October 2019

The Frieze Sculpture Park returns to Regent's Park for another long summer of all things arty, presenting pieces from leading galleries from all around the globe. This sculpture park makes a fabulous day out for art lovers of all ages. It's an extraordinary cultural attraction that Londoners and international visitors alike will love to witness this summer.

London Parks Frieze Sculpture Park

2. If you’re feeling brave, come and uncover the underworld of worms, butterflies and beetles at the Invertebrate Roadshow

For all things insect head to the Mission Invertebrate Roadshow, London's most beloved bug show. Here you will discover the fascinating world of London's world-famous bug life, from bees and butterflies to snails, spiders to slugs. Touring London's Royal parks this summer you can expect to find the Invertebrate Roadshow in Brompton Cemetery on 25th July, Hyde Park on 31st July, Bushy Park on 13th August, Greenwich Park on 21st August, Green Park on 22nd August, Kensington Gardens on 27th August and St James's Park on 29th August. Best of all, they're all free!

London Parks Bugs

3. Jazz it up at the Music Festival on The Bandstand in Regent's Park

Come and enjoy the Regent's Park Music Festival this summer, playing each weekend from 23rd June to 1st September. The Regent’s Park bandstand will be hosting free performances from a variety of local concert bands, small groups and big jazz bands. It's the perfect entertainment for your summer picnics.

London Parks Band Stand

4. Crank up the volume in Greenwich Park

Throughout July and August come and enjoy live jazz performances at the Greenwich Park bandstand every Sunday afternoon from 3pm. These free outdoor concerts will include performances from the South London Jazz Orchestra, The Incredible Sax Band and the Belvedere Concert Band. Bring your picnic blankets and dancing shoes for an afternoon of magical musical memories in the park.

London Parks Jazz in Greenwich Park

5. Wander around the glorious gardens of Richmond Park for ponies, ponds and playing fields

The famous Richmond Park Open Day returns on Sunday 13th September. Activities will include pond dipping, guided walks, mini beast hunts and pony rides! This free event is a brilliant way to discover Londons most beloved park.

London Parks Richmond Park

6. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Jewish Music Institute’s biggest event yet

Head to Klezmer in the Park in Regent's Park on Sunday 8th September, where the Jewish Music Institute is putting on a series of free performances perfect for your family day out. They also have an incredible Kids Zone containing games, prizes and more, Come and join for a fun-filled afternoon in one of London’s most beautiful parks with guest BBC Radio 3 DJ Max Reinhardt.

London Parks Klezmer in the Park

7. Dare to discover Hyde Park with their delightful Discovery Days

Discovery Days take place at The Lookout Discovery Centre in the heart of Hyde Park on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the school holidays. Here, an expert team are running a range of exciting and free nature activities for the whole family. Go pond-dipping and discover the aquatic underworld, sweep netting in their meadow or go bug hunting and play in their mini beast hotel. There's even a carpeted corner for those not yet walking, bringing nature inside with animal toys and puppets. Alternatively, sit back and relax on their sun deck and take in the natural world that hustles and bustles around us. Bring your whole family and come and connect with nature this summer.

London Parks discovery days

8. Delve into London's past and explore the Life of Ignatius Sancho

On Saturday 29th June come along to Greenwich Park and discover Britain’s first black voter, Ignatius Sancho, with free performances by Tramshed that bring history to life before your eyes. Follow Sancho’s life from being enslaved and orphaned by the age of two, to becoming a literary extraordinaire, composer and influential activist in the abolitionist movement. Sancho was employed as a butler by the Montagu family whose home overlooked Greenwich Park. A plaque on the south-west corner of the park commemorates his achievements. Come along fora beautiful day of music, drama and history, celebrating a brilliant man.

London Parks Greenwich

9. Discover the hidden stories and delicious gossip that lies in the trees of St James's Park

Take part in this year's National Park City Festival with this exciting guided walk through London's oldest Royal Park on the 26th July. Here you'll discover the history of iconic locations such as the 'Horse Guards Parade' and 'The Mall'. You'll also get an insight into some truly royal gossip and find out how St James's Park helped court a King's mistress!

London Parks St James Park

10. The Kensington Gardens Ancient Tree walking tour will you leave you speechless

Want to be wowed? Take part in the National Park City Festival with this summer walk and bask in Kensington Gardens' natural beauty as you discover the park's majestic veteran trees Learn what makes a veteran tree, what an important role they play in our history and ecology, and what we do to look after these precious green lungs of London.

London Parks Kensington



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