Things To Do This Weekend, 7th-8th December

Children playing with bubbles

If you need some inspiration for what to do this weekend then look no further! We've looked at what's on and chosen our top picks.

The Africa Centre Christmas Market 

The Africa Centre Annual Christmas Market is back this weekend and a great event for the whole family! There’ll be brilliant food, music and dance from all over one of the world’s most incredible continents. Check out the quirky market stalls to tick some Christmas shopping of your list.

Oi Frog And Friends

Oi Frog And Friends is back and already receiving rave reviews! The award-winning books come to life in this action-packed puppet-filled production. It’s a great family-friendly show and we’ve got a hopping mad 49% off!

Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park in Watford is a great option if you’re after some fresh air. There’s a nature reserve, a play area, woodland trails, a lake, cafes, a zipline and so much more! You could easily spend a whole day exploring the 190 acres.

FLY Kid Hip Hop and RnB Party: Festive Edition

Do your kids have loads of energy? Then this is the weekend event for you! Hear the smash-hits you grew up listening to at this FLY Kid family-friendly party. There’s face-painting, dance lessons, costumes and so much more.

Fun with FLY Kid

ABBA Super Troupers: The Exhibition

Calling all dancing Queens (and Kings)! Say I Do to this immersive experience that brings to life the world of the iconic global superstars, ABBA. The exhibition will take you through their music and creative process as well as showing you behind the scenes of their incredible world.

Christmas Pooch Parade

The Christmas Pooch Parade is this weekend and a perfect event for any dog-lovers! Whether you’ve got your own four-legged friend or just want to have a Christmas cuddle with the city’s most festive dogs, everyone is welcome! The walk is just half an hour and starts at Monument at midday on Sunday.

Piccadilly Puzzler Text Quest

Head out on this city-wide scavenger hunt with your family and friends to challenge yourself with a puzzling text quest. Clues will be sent directly to your phone so you can problem-solve at your own pace.

Kingston Christmas Market

Get out of the city and head to Kingston-Upon-Thames to feel like you’re stepping into an alpine village. Their Christmas market is really special and has such a community feel. Why not explore the rest of the town while you’re there?

Kingston at Christmas!

B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Take in the sights of the city while enjoying a delicious afternoon tea! B Bakery have made this bus tour fun, relaxing and interesting. Tuck into some tasty treats and delicious drinks as you sit back and enjoy the view, enjoy 18% off too!

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

Head to The Bridge Theatre and step into the magical world of Narnia at this performance of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The whole show is incredible, with brilliant music and staging to bring it all to life. Check out what Kidadler Henri thought of the show in her review.

Harrods Christmas Window

The Harrods Christmas window displays are up and as impressive as ever. This year the store asked a few brands to choose an animal they felt represented them so be prepared for a range of creatures, from bears to mountain goats!

Beautiful Christmas windows

Bertie and Boo

Bertie and Boo have a brilliant all day brunch menu and a wonderful supervised play area for the kids! It means you can enjoy a stress feel meal and the little ones can enjoy plenty of fun while they wait for their food.

Silent Disco Adventure

Get out and about on this silent disco walking tour! Put your headphones on and let the music guide you around the city. This ones all about spreading Christmas cheer so be prepared to belt out your favourite carols and festive tunes, you may even find a Christmas tree to rock around!

The Great Christmas Pudding Race

Saturday sees The Great Christmas Pudding Race return to Covent Garden to raise money for Cancer Research UK! It’s a great event full of fun as teammates race around in festive fancy dress and carrying a Christmas pudding. Go along to support the runners and share the Christmas cheer!

Have a good weekend Kidadlers and let us know what you get up to!



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